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Weekly Crypto Haiku Summary (May 24-28)

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11 months ago

Hi Friends, 

I got this inspiration of making a poem from @emily2u in Publish0x where I also blog. She, with the devotion of a nun, writes poem on a daily basis. Because I also love writing a literary piece, I thought to myself that I could also the same thing but with a twist. And that twist is about crypto, I decided to concentrate my topic on this subject since @emily2u writes poem about diverse topics.

Since last week I have started to compose my daily crypto Haiku and I have posted these in and D.Buzz.  I'd like to share my literary piece to you in this platform.

Crypto Haiku #1

Oh my, oh why, G'day!

Crypto market bleeding dry.

Weak hands say goodbye!


I wrote this when the market was bloody red and I just have the feeling that the market was trying to shake the nerves of investors.

Crypto Haiku #2

This dip gives more dips

I'd tight seal my noisy lips

Guiding crypto peeps

That time, investors were advising other investors to buy the dip, but the dip kept going down.  I thought people need to shut their mouth from making financial advice.

Crypto Haiku #3

Dude, don't take it bad

If the market crushes hard

Bottom pick, my lad

I should not have said this but when I wrote this, BTC already hit $30,000 so I thought this might be the bottom already.

Crypto Haiku #4

Writing poem sans rhyme

Ain't easy as earning dime

In this time


I wrote what I felt at that moment that those who are hustling in are really doing a hard work because earning a good tip was not easy.

Crypto Haiku #5

Bitcoin down today

Expect that during Friday

Hold the fear at bay

Your mindset is key

To thrive 'tis game so deadly

Few knew this sadly.

I noticed that there's a weekend dip so people should not panic if they see one during the weekend.  It's all about keeping a positive mindset about trading.  This last haiku was noticed by and I got a badge from them:

I hope you like my Haiku!

Love lots,


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Written by   138
11 months ago
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Hahaha "devotion of a nun" made me laugh out loud.

I really enjoyed your Haiku. Very well done and depicted the crypto scene at the time. Subscribed and looking forward to more.

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11 months ago