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2 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I am Kaye, I am new here. Just turned 22 a few weeks ago. I was drawn to different sites about Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general because I am trying to diversify my investment portfolio following a 50-30-20 allocation. I plan to investment my hard earned salary from working as QA in a business process outsourcing company here in Manila. I intend to invest half on stocks locally and internationally and for this I opened a brokerage account in our Philippine Stock Exchange and on ETORO. Thirty percent on Forex and Real Estate while 20% would be for high risk high reward instruments such as crypto investments.

I hope to learn more about investing and crypto currencies on this site.

More power.

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Wow this is amazing. Good luck on your investment journey. :)

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1 year ago

Wow... that's really nice to know that you can do that 50-30-20.... How i wish i could do that too... Good luck... wish you More success.. 😊😊

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2 years ago

thanks, I also wish you success.

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2 years ago