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First Impression Series, Part 3: Decrypt, get paid with Crypto by reading about Crypto

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3 months ago

We practice what we preach.

This is how Decrypt describes their company mission. What better way to demonstrate that they walk, their talk than to reward their readers with crypto when they read about crypto.  This is really a smart move to onboard new readers about crypto currency and blockchain technology.  

Let us look then at the platform and see what it has to offer.  

Website/App:  There is a website and an App but based on what I have experienced so far, the token reward is acquired from the App.

Service/Business:  Online Media and Publication

Location: The App can be downloaded from Google Playstore and Apple Store.  It has also website


Account Creation

The speed of creating account is just average on my opinion. Instead of creating an account name, the App asks the user to create a wallet.  I think asking the user to create wallet first is intentional as this step is crucial in managing one's own token. 

To create an account, these are the steps:

1. Enter your email address.  Verify your account using the link sent to your email.

2. Open now the Mobile App. It will first ask you to create 6-digit PIN and/or Biometric for security purposes.

3. After creating your PIN, it will direct you to the homepage.

My wish is for alternative ways of creating account like linking it Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn which are faster and smoother. The target audience is the young and technology savvy individuals. They will find the present way of account creation as somewhat traditional.


From the homepage the reader has 4 choices: Today, News, Features and Learn.

If you select Today, it displays the latest news but you can also select the Top News.

The News lists all the news.  But there is also a tab for Editor's Pick, Business, Technology, Coins, Defi, Markets, and Opinions. 

The Features contains all feature articles. It has also an Editor's Pick, Long Reads, Profiles, Build, and Investigations.

The Learn section contains educational articles. It has also tabs for  Editor's Pick, The Coins, The Tech, The Project, The Future.

Ways of Earning Decrypt Token

The name of the token is Decrypt (DCPT).  There are 3 ways to earn it: Reading an article, sharing it and reacting to it.

At present, this token is not withdrawable but can only be exchanged with merchandise of Decrypt. The reward store is empty as of this writing but there is a teaser that these tokens can be exchanged for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).  There is also a maximum of 20 token per day and reward tokens cannot be transferred to other users to prevent token hoarding and other forms of abuse. 

New tokens might be introduced in the future in partnership with company sponsors. 


I have been a fan of Decrypt since I started reading about Crypto currencies and Blockchain last December 2020 because the quality of journalism and superb writing.  The introduction of Decrypt Token will definitely make me a loyalist to this brand.  It will become another addition to my daily tasks checklist. 

I like the way Decrypt is redefining their relationship with their reader consistent with their mission of better reader experience through Web 3 technologies.  I would recommend this platform as gateway site for people who are new to crypto because it has a lot of quality content about the subject matter. 

It does not only tell stories about crypto, it demonstrate how blockchain and crypto work in actual world setting in a very subtle manner without the political noise attached to these topics.  

However, they are not the only ones into this business. There's Publish0x and These 3 platforms provide a lot of crypto incentives and rewards to readers and writers alike.  For us readers, this makes the landscape more exciting because more competition is always better than less.

So who's next to issue a rewards token? Hello, Medium!


I do not have any connection with the company I am writing about. I am not being paid to write this article.

I do this to spread awareness to other readers and users about various platforms using crypto currency and blockchain technology. If you like my content, please hit like and subscribe. Any amount of tip would be appreciated as I spend also countless hours to test and experiment these services so that I could write about them and in the process, get you informed.

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Written by   130
3 months ago
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Can't seem to move my fingers though when attempting to write at Medium hahaha

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3 months ago

Have you applied in Medium? I don't have the guts, I am not a professional writer.

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3 months ago

I believe you are already one as evident in your writing here. I have registered but still learning the trend there. Have not written anything though. I'm busy right now with PublishOx.

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3 months ago

Thanks for the information,I would try that decrypt for me to know more about crypto..😁😁I've been fan of crypto so I need to know it better ☺️

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3 months ago

Welcome, visit also my other blogs I wrote several blogs regarding platforms that pay crypto. I actually tested them.

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3 months ago