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Bitcoin Cash is a Money Mailing Service

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3 months ago

If you've ever sent an email or a traditional paper mail through a postal service, you understand Bitcoin Cash. Let me explain.

An email provider or a postal service charges you for the utility they provide to you as a consumer, not for the value they are transmitting. An email service charges for the number of bytes they transfer plus profit and postal service charges for the weight of the paper they transport across distance plus profit.

If you are mailing a contract to buy a 100 bedroom mansion through FedEx, Imagine if FedEx charges you based on the percentage of the value they transfer and they take 3 bedrooms in your mansion. Imagine how absurd the world will look like. This is exactly how the financial sector works today.

x% of Your Money is Mine

Your money is the product of your labor, It is the direct representation of the value you created in the marketplace. As of now, most people can not transmit money across the internet without paying a percentage of their money to tax collectors like Visa, Mastercard, Banks and Remittance services.

The Lost Dream

Bitcoin is a paradigm shift in money transfer because it charges the sender based on the bytes of information they want to transmit over the network and not by the number of bitcoins they transfer. The transaction cost is dependent on bytes per transaction and not based on the amount of bitcoin sent. This is exactly why bitcoin users were able to send millions of dollars worth of bitcoins for pennies.

After the block size was intentionally crippled by bitcoin core devs, low fee transactions are now a dream on bitcoin. The original promise of bitcoin has vanished and the speculators who are fixated on price don't care for anything other than making a profit.

I won't be surprised when the base layer of bitcoin becomes unusable for payments and the second layer providers start charging for transactions based on the percentage of value transferred and not by the bytes.

BCH - Bitcoin's dream

Bitcoin Cash is the dream Bitcoin once was. Bitcoin Cash is the mailing service for money that charges for the utility of transmitting financial information across the network and to secure it. It doesn't want to be your middleman but it wants to be your enabler. It is this clarity in purpose of the community, makes me more bullish on Bitcoin Cash than ever.

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Written by   26
3 months ago
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