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What's the coin you wish existed but does not? (yet)

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1 year ago
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One of the greatest things of crypto is how much freedom it provides. Obviously freedom can be and often is misused, but sometimes people use that freedom to built crypto projects that at least allow the truth to get out, projects fit to all sorts of needs.

There seems to be a coin for everything, which makes me wonder, what's a coin that you wish existed but does not yet? Meaning some idea that you sometimes wish to exist.

As for myself, I have quiet a few and I plan on disclose this notions in the near future, but in the meantime I was wondering if any of you who read my blog have similar thoughts.

For instance:

A coin that has utility for something that no one has thought about (yet)

A coin that could change the world for the better in a way that no one has dare yet

A coin that due to well designed tokenomics is capable of pumping like crazy.

Do you? please share it in the comments down below, I want to get a conversation started around that subject matter.

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Hmmmm... I think a coin focused on Anime/Manga to be nice, I don't know if one exists but the ideal image in my mind:

  • For both creators and consumers.
  • Systematically rewards artists for creating animations & comics.
  • Also being a coin for the consumers of such creations. Maybe you get rewarded for reading/watching? Sharing? Providing Feedback?
  • Platform independent. Any platform could integrate the coin to it. (HIVE tokens can only be used on HIVE platform.)
  • No transaction fees for the end-user. (ETH tokens still suffer from gas fees.)
  • Easy registration. (Only one password that you can choose + Seed for those interested in crypto.)

This might already exist though...

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1 year ago

Yeah, that project might already exist, but certainly would attract users if someone did it, a platform independent platform would be really useful, but technically is a headache though.

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1 year ago