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1 year ago

Allright folks, its happening, crypto is cool again, your friends and acquaintances now treat you as if you were a hacker philosopher level 30, however, today I will like to direct your attention to a very interesting and fun bullish signal for crypto, that of vanilla, mainstream figures introducing their audiences to crypto.

Here are just a couple of examples that I have noticed recently

Graham Stephan Buys Bitcoin

Graham has a huge audience, (2.92 Million) with a focus on personal financial education based on fiat currency, like stocks, real state and entrepreneurship.

The interesting part is that he was a very bearish commentator with regards to cryptocurrency, so, there is that.

Marques Brownlee vs Justin Sun

The most unexpected video from Marques Brownlee yet, it popped out in my notifications and I clicked really fast, and I wasn't left disappointed.

Lindsay Lohan is a Crypto Bull?

"I told you, now Bitcoin to Mars"

Lindsay Lohan

"Exploring #DeFi and already liking $JST, $SUN on $TRX. Super fast and 0 fee. Good job @justinsuntron"

Lindsay Lohan

Marques Brownlee alluded to the sponsored twitter of Lindsay, and surprisingly she is selling her NFT's on Rarible, which is so 2021 I guess.

As if we needed more proof of how shady, immoral and dishonest Justin Sun and his core team are.

In general, I have started to see that youtube channels who are focused on financial topics are starting to be transformed into crypto inclined channels, like Meet Kevin

If you think Bit Boy Crypto pumping s***coins is bad enough, wait till you see unscrupulous rappers doing it everyday.

One interesting side effect is that some crypto influencers might be already influencing mainstream famous people for a time now, which is kind of odd, imagine chico crypto's latest video being played on the mansion of Will Smith.

What are your favorite mainstream figures who have gone crypto? let me know in the comments down below!

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Written by   24
1 year ago
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