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Public Service Announcement to r/wallstreetbets

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1 year ago

This is a quick public service announcement to all the members of the reddit community at r/wallstreetbets.

First, I am proud of you guys, you have demonstrated in the last couple of days that it is possible to punish Wall Street, at the time of writing, the fat cats in wall street have lost 70 billion dollars so far. Congratulations!

Billionaires are whining on national television, asking for this to stop-

Many of these billionaires should be in jail by now, but of course they are free, and if you think that they will land in jail for the blatant market manipulation that they had done against you, think again.

We are talking about legit psycopaths, as correctly pointed out by Roger Ver:

These guys will most likely never learn, and they have the full support of the US goverment.

So, that is why I want you to prepare.

Don't worry to much about this battle, worry about the war.

And please keep in mind the following important points:

  • If you have GME stock in profit, take off your initial investment out of the equation that money in your hands will be useful later

  • Move to crypto and escape the land of forced selling of "your" stock, remember, not your platform, not your stonks.

  • The price of GME at 300 USD was not sustainable, as the new price of 90 USD demonstrates. I understand that they are manipulating the stock brutally, but that's my point, taking in consideration these psychos, the price that high is not sustainable, understand that these psycopath billionaires hate your guts already, act accordingly and protect your assets.

I hope this info finds you well and if you decide to join the crypto community, welcome.

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Written by   24
1 year ago
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