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My Most Memorable Crypto Moments

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1 month ago

Ah, memorable moments, everyone has their own, just like learning how to use a bike, or when you get married, they make you look back from time to time and say "man, those were good times"

Allow me some moments of self reflection when I share my most memorable crypto moments.

#1 When I Discovered Crypto

I was working at the airport at the moment, the year was 2013, my boss at the time allowed me to read news online as recreation as long as no other work was required of me, I was in the night shift and my position was customer servive representative, at some point in the shift there were no incoming or oustanding flights which meant that during those hours I would read on news of the moment, and at some point I stumbled upon bitcoin stuff, I was mesmerized, surprised, amazed and profoundly moved.

I thought of the implications, the ripple effects, how it will affect the economy, society and the power of the corrupt elite that governs us.

I researched with deep gusto for entire weeks the topic, reading on articles, news, essays and forecasts, everything made sense, but not everything was perfect for me, which leads me to the next memorable moment.

#2 When I Gave It Up

So if I discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and I understood its powerful impact, even to the point of having a strong desire to buy this coin, why I am not a millionaire by now? Why I am not a bitcoin whale with the proceeds from bitcoin faucets? well, three things stopped me from executing what I understood at the time was a great finantial opportunity, let me explain:


At the time I was on my first job that required english, I was able to understand most conversations and I was able to speak to any foreigner (hey, I got the job) but that was clearly not the same as browsing crypto related content in english at the time, I mean, a whole new vocabulary is needed to understand the industry, and even the acverage english native speaker needs explanations of many technical terms within cryptoland, so, I got stuck in crypto internet,... in spanish.

Almost a decade had passed by now but at the time, crypto internet in spanish was really, really under-developed, most people were as confused as I was about the practicalities of cryptocurrency, with questions as these:

  • How bitcoin prevents copies of itself if its just digital?

  • How it is safe against hacking if not even microsoft has been able to stop pirated copies of windows 8?

  • Were do I buy it?

  • How do I know if a bitcoin site is legit?

  • How I confirm that I received a real bitcoin instead of just a number on a screen?

In fact, most people were not even asking these questions at all (in spanish), since most were dismissive, or just in the "is a nice toy" opinion.

Needless to say, after reading dozens of articles that just explained the same basic idea (that is, that bitcoin exists and it is new) I got tired and frustrated.

Poor Finantial Infraestructure

With sufficient desire and steadfastedness, (plus, some more use of english) I would had resolved all my nagging questions, no problem, however, the real issue is that when I googled (in spanish) "how to buy bitcoin in mexico" or "bitcoin exchanges in mexico" I got nothing (at least in the first two pages) so I essentially felt at a loss.

At this point I was starting to think in buying outside of my country, which, at least at the time, seemed like a cumbersome process, however, another problem arose in my mind, which was this.

The Fractions Dilemma

I am a little embarrased to say this, but at the time, I thought that the minimun amount of bitcoin one could buy was 1 bitcoin, which at the time costed around 494 USD, so, no cheap.

I think I did googled things like "what is the minimum amount of bitcoin that I can buy?" but I got no good response or got redirected at the same lame articles titled "What is bitcoin" so, at the time I got stuck on this huge misconception, which hinder me from pursuing a path to owing some bitcoin.

And just to think that a faucet could have solved all my issues, oh boy.

However, the next point was the most important in my "I gave up" phase.

End Times Preocupations

Alright, hear me out, at the time I was under the influence of an end times cult, so, regardless of how awesome the bitcoin idea is, it came a little bit too late for me (that's what I believed at the time at least) since according to the particular perspective of this cult, the world could end basically anytime since 2014, for reasons that are too off topic to list here, needless to say, this erroneous perspective on my part made me less and less inclined to buy and invest in bitcoin.

But, on the good side, in 2020 I discovered that this cult had "prophesied" stuff that didn't came to frution and that they were hiding the evidence, so now I am free from that pernicious and lying influence, although I am religious still, as a happy Traditional Catholic which is far away from that cult point of view.

#3 When I Rediscover It

One day in June 12, 2019 I stumbled upon crypto videos and I remembered again what I loved of crypto in the past, the freedom to create, the possibilities to improve the world, the options to help others.

By that year I was less influenced by the end-time cult I had mentioned previously, since I had grown up and some end-times "probable" dates had come and gone.

So I jumped again with gusto into crypto, giving place to my next memorable moment.

#4 When I bought My First Crypto

I bought my first batch on that same day, June 12, 2019, not that much, just 250 mexican pesos, but it was a really important moment in my crypto journey, it really sealed the deal for me as a crypto citizen.

#5 When I Went Through The Youtube Rabbit Hole

You know what that is, hours and hours of watching crypto stuff, discovering new coins every hour, thinking a good idea to implement just to notice a day later that someone already did a similar idea and is now a millionaire.

Yeah, that feeling of learning too much too fast, it's amazing.

#6 The Current Moment, Preparing For My First Bull Run

The title of this last memorable moment says it all, that's it, this moment is memorable.

Let's see if I can make it past 10x in gains so that I can use those funds to promote positive change in the world.

What are your memorable crypto comments? Let me know in the comments down below!

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Written by   17
1 month ago
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