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LeoFinance Launches CubFinance. Brain Melting Results

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1 year ago

Note: I don't like that binance smart chain is centralized and I am waiting on Ethereum 2.0, however, in the meantime, and out of necessity, to use it I think is acceptable.

Wow! what a week! I have been extremely surprised by CubFinance, which is an alternative version of pancake swap.

Since it runs on the binance smart chain, you can bring Ethereum assets to cheap defi and the yields so far are insane. The day of the launch I saw 43,000 % yields, and some hours later I got this screenshot.

My money is multiplying so fast that some people might think this video is on 2x the speed, but is not:

I seriously think that this coin could get to 100 USD worth of value soon, and that this defi project could accrue 1 billion dollars n total value lock.

As of this writing,, the total value locked is:7,333,429.02 USD

In just 4 Days!!

Is just amazing, the project is not even one week old, it is literally a cub, but it will become a lion soon enough.

Needles to say, I even sold some of my other crypto to allocate liquidity here, and I am going to start accumulating Hive, Leo Tokens and Cub more aggressively going forward.

Good for CubFinance!


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Written by   24
1 year ago
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