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Influencer Impersonation Should Not Be An Issue

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1 month ago

The bull run is coming guys, do you know what that means? Hundreds of scammers impersonating crypto people, like these idiots who are impersonating Meltem Demirors.

Now, is 2020 and humanity has been capable of creating decentralized crypto exchanges, and shot a car into space, but somehow this continues to be an issue? No way!

So after thinking about this problem for some time, I think I have some useful suggestions to improve the security in this area.

The Proposed Solution

Let's take as an example a twitter account, this hypotethical account belongs to a crypto influencer with 30k followers, usually he tweets, replies to DMs and engages in other social media with the same improvized reactivity, which leaves his followers vulnerable to people claiming to be him. :U

To avoid this, one could:

  • Put as a pinned tweet a disclaimer that says "I would never ask you for crypto on social media"

  • Download the app Keybase

  • Since the Keybase app has cryptographic verification of identity, you would use that to link your keybase profile with twitter.

  • Now you only need to drive contact with strangers to be primarily conducted via keybase, and remind your followers via tweets, youtube videos and instagram stories that that's how things work now.

Now with this setup the scammers would have to create a fake keybase, along with a fake twitter profile and fake youtube, since the cryptographic evidence would be listed and linked with all those 3 accounts (and perhaps even the website of the person in question) which would probably be sufficiently impractical as to discourage some scammers.

I know is not an infallible plan, and if you can give me your input on how to make it better I would like to hear that.

Ultimately I know that this issue will not disappear completely, but perhaps there are teams working on this issue and making it economically unfeasible for scammers to do their things, just like spam in the 90s, that was out of control at the time, but currently is more or less controled.

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Written by   17
1 month ago
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good job bro..keep it up

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