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I Made Some Crypto T-Shirts, Any Thoughts?

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1 month ago

Clothes, who doesn't need these, am I right? you use them everyday and is sometimes your ticket to be taken more seriously.

For instance, you wouldn't get married dressed up in pijamas right?,... right?

And that's why I want to share one of my side projects, my crypto clothing line.

If you have been around since my humble beginnings, you might have seen the link to my store every once in a while in some of my articles.

However, I have never done a dedicated post about my store or my designs, so here I go.

1. HODL - Fleece Blanket

Take a shower while you remind yourself of hodling. Buy here.

2. HODL Hoodie

Simple but practical, buy here.

3. Hodl, Premium Onesie

Baby's on the way?, I got you covered. Buy here.

4. Ethereum T-Shirt

Classic isn't it? Buy here.

5. 'We Shall Go to the Moon!' T-Shirt

Buy Here.

6. My Favorite Pet - T-Shirt

Buy Here.

7. Bitcoin Map

There you go. Buy here.

What do you think of my designs, did you like them? Let me know in the comments!

Follow me on LBRY 

My favorite, I can upload PDF's, audio and video, and is decentralized, follow me there, and you also will get some free crypto.$/invite/@Cryptolohy:d

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Written by   17
1 month ago
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