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EatBCH: Bureaucracy, meet crypto

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1 year ago

One of the things I hate the most about "charities" is how wasteful they tend to be, for instance:

"Bono charity spends more on wages than good causes

SINGER Bono’s Aids charity is under fire for spending more on its staff’s wages than it does on its own cause.

According to a report in the US the global charity took in £9.6million in public donations in 2008, the latest year for which US public tax records are available.

A meagre £118,000 was split between three charities – while more than £5million was spent on executive and employee salaries."

That's just one example, but you can find probably dozens like that one. When seeing these kinds of stories I wonder what happend? is it greed? incompetence? selfishness? all of that and more? difficult to tell precisely.

The good news is that technology is making way to a better framework to build solutions to help others, in a less bureaucratic and nonsensical way.

Enter eatBCH, a little project that has been born out of the raw necesity to eat food, they operate with people on the ground in venezuela and south sudan, with the people distributing the good being not overpaid employees or bureaucrats with an MBA from Harvard, but the same people who truly live in poverty and that is probable they will use the resources in the best way possible.

According to their own website:

"Use of Funding

Q.- What do you spend our donations on?

A.- Right now we are 100% cash-for-food.

Q.- What about "administrative" costs?

A.- Everyone working for eatBCH is doing so on their own time. We currently do not pay ourselves or any volunteers.

Q.- How can we verify that funds are spent properly?

A.- You can view all eatBCH expenditures on the public blockchain. Here are the explorer links for the general account as well as the Venezuela account and the South Sudan account."

I liked the idea, so I plan on donating in the future, at the moment just helping by promoting their project.

If you want to do a donation to them, you can do it here:

Your coffee money can take away hunger at least once, isn't that worth it? I think so.

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Written by   24
1 year ago
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