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WORLD FIRST P2P CRYPTO AUCTION MARKETPLACE offering disruptive approach in crypto exchange

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Majority of existing cryptocurrency Exchanges platform have been operating on the same system for over a decade.The centralized structure of these exchanges and its vulnerability has created a center of attraction for cyber hackers who has seen hacking into these exchanges as lucrative business.

The vulnerability of these crypto exchanges has lead several investors and traders suffered huge losses and go bankrupts.Hence, losing interest in any crypto related investments.Several millions of dollars has been stolen away from some high ranked global crypto exchanges by the hackers which has lead majority of these exchanges seized from operation .In the recent years, a renowned , secured and most trusted global giant crypto exchange known as Binance suffered similar fate.

The prevalent barrier of insecurity in the global crypto exchanges industry has called for a permanent solution so as to protect the entire crypto industry, the traders interest and their assets. In this article , i will be introducing Future1Exchange to the public , a new concepts in Crypto currency trading . The team of Future1Exchange having observed the major challenges in Crypto trading space has proffered a sustainable solution to the problems of insecurity in the global Crypto exchanges space. Future1Exchange has come up with a revolutionary approach which will completely combat the problems of insecurity related to the global crypto trading operations .I do hope my dear readers will find this trading platform very interesting .


Future1Exchange has rolled out the first global Cryptocurrency P2P Auction Market place . This is one of a kind Peer to Peer Digital assets exchange platform which will enable traders auctioning over 100 Ethereum based token seamlessly either at a discounted or premium price.Multiple payment system is available in Future1Exchange .Traders can chose to auction their token for either fiat or cryptocurrencies , this depends on their choice .Besides, the trading system in this platform is strictly through Escrow system. Trading is transparent and secured because they are conducted via escrow Smart contracts. Investors who are stuck with their crypto assets and willing to exchange them for Fiat or other class of cryptocurrencies can simply auction their assets on Future1Exchange. Future1Exchange among its services includes Digital assets Portfolio and custodian solution.

Future1Exchange system of trading is quite secured , transparent and efficient that the conventional centralized trading system. Future1Exchange implements Peer to Peer Crypto Exchange system where buyers can simply find the buyers who are interested in buying their Crypto assets at discounted or premium price. Trading cryptocurrency in Future1Exchange is real which means a buyer is dealing with a seller in real life .This reverse the trends in centralized exchanges where most tradings activities are being conducted by bots which leads to trading volume manipulation.

Future1Exchange adopts escrow smart contracts in their trading system .The Escrow Smarts Contracts ensures the condition of contracts between buyer and sellers are fully settled before finalizing the contract. The trading system is strictly Person to Person .Future1Exchange is a crypto auction platform founded by team of professionals with more than a decade of experience in Crypto industries and traditional financial industry . The team sees users security and safety as the topmost priority . They believe this class of trading system could bring sanity and security in Crypto exchange space .Hence, restoring the masses confidence in cryptocurrency . Apart from offering auctioning form of crypto trading system , users can purchase different types of crypto assets through their debit and credit cards .SWAPS service is also available for over 100 crypto assets .Users can swap multiple cryptocurrencies in Future1Exchange.Another amazing feature of Future1Exchange is their Crypto Academy . Obviously, majority of the people all over the world still not aware of cryptocurrency.

Future1Exchange has created a crypto academy which will enable people to learn and obtain certification in crypto trading /blockchain related field.



Unlike the conventional centralized Exchanges ,Future1Exchange offers P2P trading system which simply means Person to Person trading system .For transparency , the trading system implements escrow smarts contracts which ensures trading conditions are being fully met by the parties involved before finalizing the transactions. Interested investors willing to buy crypto assets from a disruptive technology company which a very huge success potential can easily meet sellers and buy their tokens at a discounted price or premium price .


Future1Exchange exchange is a very secured crypto trading platform that does not store either buyer or sellers assets.The entire system is decentralized and managed by the escrow smart contracts which ensures fair trade settlements between buyers and sellers. Users don't have to feel insecure about losing their assets to hackers or fraudulent exchange service provider.All payments related to trading between the buyers and sellers are made outside the platform which means Future1Exchange does not take custody of users assets .They provide escrow service to both buyers and sellers. Buyers can chose to make their payments with the payment system required by the sellers. It could be in form of Credit Card payment or through crypto payments.


Future1Exchange is different from other Crypto Exchanges because they are just a marketplace where buyers and sellers willing to buy and sell crypto assets meets. Users are not buying or selling digital assets from future1exchange , rather they are exchanging with one another (P2P).Future1Exchange only provides Escrow service to make sure both buyers and sellers conducts a secured and fair trades , thereby ensuring smooth , secure and transparent trade through the escrow Smarts contracts.


Future1Exchange is founded by CEO Kishore M who happened to be a well experienced personnel in Financial industry .The CEO of Future1Exchange is a Former Hedge Fund Manager who has worked with Silicon Valley in United State of America.He is ambitious to lead Future1Exchange to the mainstream.


Future1Exchange also offer a crowd funding services to startup businesses who want to raise funds for the developments of their project . The team of Future1Exchange take interest in helping innovative and qualified startup projects by creating opportunity for them to conduct their crowdfunding on their platform.


Future1Exchange avail opportunity for users to conduct seamless swap of over 100+ Ethereum based token.



The system of trading adopted by Future1Exchange will drive sanity , security and transparency in Crypto exchanges system .Unlike the centralized system of trading who hold users assets, engaging in bot trading and all form of manipulations ,Future1Exchange is basically Peer to Peer, clean and transparent trading system who ensures a fair trade is being conducted between buyers and sellers through their escrow service .Traders who want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a fair Investors willing to acquire large amount of crypto assets from a disruptive technology company which a very huge success potential can easily meet sellers and buy their tokens at a discounted price or premium price.

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Written by   18
2 years ago
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This is a good project from Future1Exchange. A revolutionised exchange with auctioning system. It is an unprecedented event.

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