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DigiByte - The Currency of Opportunity (Quick Review)

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2 years ago

That long search is over, DigiByte is that coin you've been looking for.

Trustworthy Investment opportunities are hard to come by in the crypto realm.

With the masses and masses of new and upcoming currencies hitting the marketplace, it can be hard to put your finger on which one you should invest in.

My principles for doing my own research are simple. As always, I take a deep look into potential long term investments with a microscope and reseach projects based on solid criterias of measurements.

Community. Team Activity. Trading Record. Leadership.

I won't deny making mistakes over the past few years by buying into hype and misinformation on a few bad projects, but I've also made a few wise choices for my long-term investment strategies. Projects like NANO and PIVX, VET and many others are part of my long-term investment portfolio.

The one coin that I never seem to mention though is DigiByte.

Not that I do it on purpose, but I keep excluding DGB from my reviews because of just how strong of a project it really is.

I never feel like needing to show my support because DigiByte is such a great rock solid project and so soundly built that I don't see the urgency or need for my support to be involved. Honestly, they don't need any help from anyone.

I feel like saying a few things now because the time for buying DGB is nearing a precipice in the world of opportunity, where the coin and it's value will soon be out of the grasp for the average everyday new investors floating into the crypto space to buy large substantial amounts.

My reasoning is simple.

DigiByte has everything you need to see in a project to make your mind up about investing into one. Three of the most important factors for me are met rock solidly and when it comes to what I need to see in a project, DigiByte has it all.

Active Community-based Project.

Rock Solid Leadership.

Great Trading Records.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to see the future up ahead for DGB. It is set up to become a leading currency and already is moving steadily forward in value.

I strongly suggest that you take some time today to look into DigiByte and research it.

The chance at making huge gains with this currency are coming to a close. I firmly believe that DGB will become one of the top 10 coins by 2022 and even take the 3rd or 4th place rank in a very short time.

Just look at it's amazing community. Strong, active, feverish and all over social media. Very supportive and always boosting DGB up.

The leadership behind DGB is consistent and always active. Great marketing, sound business initiatives and a future outlook that isn't just promising but inspirational. I feel confident with what they are doing and equally confident in the longevity of DGB's future.

Trading is always kicking and continues to be a very actively used coin. The ecosystem is widening and adoption for DGB is always growing. You can't go wrong while holding DGB. Plenty of markets and plenty of use cases. DGB is actually amazingly widely used by online stores and merchants. 

Again, if you are looking for a great opportunity to jump on a wise investment, I suggest making it DGB and doing it soon. Research the project yourself and take a dip.

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Written by   18
2 years ago
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Digibyte has future, but needs wider adoption to make it compete vigorously in the future.

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2 years ago


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