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Buying #CVC bag trading analyist

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2 years ago

Buying #CVC bag

Buying Large because it has a great fundamental event upcoming

and looks good too technically

- Technicals

• I see an elliott wave formation on this rising channel

• Breakout at this 5th leg. is what I believe

• Broke above 100 & 200 daily MA

- Fundamentals

• CVC has a big event coming up

CVC v2.0 launch next week (before 20 Jun)

This is a big update, I expect major move

2 Buy setups to enter

1st buy zone: 300 - 315 sats

2nd buy zone: 265 - 275 sats

My targets are below:

TP1: 340 sats

TP2: 355 sats

TP3: 380 sats

TP4: 418 sats

TP5: 450 or above

I will be using stop 7% lower to my average buy spot

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