Why is YouTuber Steven Chowder Mad at Big Conservative Media?

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1 year ago
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Earlier this week, conservative comedian Steven Chowder posted a YouTube video in which he nearly cried. Simply titled “It’s time to stop…", the video proves Chowder is not just a slimy SEO hack. He’s much worse: A true believer!

In what, exactly, is he a true believer? Why, the Conservative Cause, of course!

If you haven’t noticed, there’s a great divide in the United States. Liberals and conservatives are at odds and anyone in the middle is like that proverbial monkey—forced to stand between two battling nitwits watching a ball fly back and forth over its head until one of the fools on either end takes his eyes off and drops the ball like a hot potato, an event as likely to happen as a pig lifted by helicopter rotors.

The game would be fun for the monkey if only he didn’t get kicked in the face each time he pinched a dangling lemon hanging from the front end of each of the ball tossers locked in endless gaze with each other in eager anticipation of winning a point when and if their opponent fumbles. The monkey would have better odds extracting sunlight from a perpetual motion machine.

So, what does any of this have to do with Steven Chowder? He’s perturbed, of course, and for a very good reason. Though he’s quite late to the conservative pity party, I might add.

In his video, Chowder explains how the conservative media, which he calls the Big Con, is in bed with Big Tech. As evidence, he showcases several clauses in legal contracts he had the opportunity to sign so that he could reach a bigger audience than his current 5.94 million subscribers. I must say, he makes some good points. Those conservative media conglomerates have some pretty rabid lawyers on their side. You can watch the video yourself below.

The point of this post is not to beat up on conservatives, or to mock Mug Club cult leader Mr. “Clam” Chowder. Rather, my point is to say that what Clam really needs, besides a new point of view, is Web3.

(Insert ominously victorious sound track here)

Of course, that’s also what his liberal opposition need. I mean, think about how these two paradoxical ends of the political spectrum relate to each other. They bicker and argue like Punch and Judy after Punch has unwittingly abused the baby. Of course, while Judy goes after her husband for his uncanny antics, she ends up neglecting the baby and, in the end, they each realize their errors, madly proclaim their eternal love for each other, and go on to live another day. The baby represents liberal democracy, or freedom from tyranny, or (insert your own classic American mainstay). While Punch and Judy both love the baby, and each other, they unwittingly end up abusing that which they have sworn to protect, and they blame each other for the baby’s crying.

What does that have to do with Web3? Nothing.

Except one thing.

Instead of playing the silly little monkey in the middle game, which never ends with a clear winner, both liberals and conservatives can happily express their frustrations with each other without the other imposing sanctions or censorship for the baby’s sake.

How does that work? Well, they show up, have a nice meal together, discuss their concerns politely, and go to bed waving a freedom flag and singing kum-ba-ya in their sleep.

Oops. Pardon me for getting off script.

Actually, Web3 is even better than that. Imagine Punch and Judy each having a microphone that can only be shut off by the person holding it. No matter how loudly Punch yells into Judy’s microphone, Judy’s microphone only hears her voice. And no matter how loudly Judy yells into Punch’s microphone, his microphone only hears his voice. At the end of the day, everyone has the ability to speak their mind without fear of censorship, are able to monetize their content without impediment, and can control and own their audience without some third-party hijacking it and using it for its own purposes. Welcome to ideologue nirvana!

I write extensively about Web3 social media in my forthcoming book Web3 Social: How Creators Are Changing the World Wide Web (And You Can Too!). The book will be made available in mid-February (the actual date will be announced soon).

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And if you want to know what Unkle Bonehead and I have to say about Mr. Chowder and his unknown need for Web3, you can listen to us on the Defluenced podcast.

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