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Which Cryptosocial Platforms Earned Me the Most $$ in July 2022?

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2 days ago

After a decline in earnings the past few months, I saw my cryptosocial earnings go up some in the month of July—back to where they were before the decline. A few things can be attributed to this rise:

  1. First, I added a new platform to my posting routine and it’s been lucrative

  2. Second, I’ve been more active on Hive, which has paid off

  3. Third, my Publish0x rewards, for some reason, did very well in July

Without further ado, I present my cryptosocial earnings for the month of July 2022. These are in alphabetical order. The platform is named first and the crypto earned in parentheses beside the name). As usual, Coil and Presearch are listed last.

Actifit (AFIT)

Actifit is a part of the Hive blockchain ecosystem. That means I can earn AFIT tokens as well as Hive for my activity.

I downloaded the dapp (decentralized app) in May and had a fairly good first month. Earnings went down in June when I earned a few pennies. In July, they shot up tremendously after a dapp update.

Essentially, I walk and perform other physical activities and, as I do, the tracker registers my steps and other activities in points. Once I surpass certain daily milestones, I can click a button and claim extra random rewards. These can range from tiny fragments of AFIT to 10 AFIT. Since I do this daily, my AFIT accumulated quite nicely in the month of July.

At the end of the day, I write a report on my activity for the day and post it to Hive with proof. That earns me additional AFIT and Hive.

Total AFIT earned = 30.283; USD value = $0.27073002

Bastyon (PKOIN)

I’m still working on breaking the code to Bastyon. A part of the problem, I think, is I’m not super-active in commenting on others’ posts or sending out friend requests. Still, I managed to make July my best month yet after having been on the platform since March.

Total PKOIN earned = 0.014535; USD value = $0.0124812045

gFam (XRP)

gFam is becoming one of my favorite cryptosocial platforms. It’s very simple, but it has become a good earner in a short time. It doesn’t work like any of the other platforms on the list.

For starters, content is monetized using the Coil monetization protocol. That means some of my income is reported below in the discussion on Coil. But the lion’s share of my earnings come from tips from other users. Those tips are in XRP and are direct wallet-to-wallet, peer-to-peer tips. They are not generated on the blockchain as they are with Publish0x and Read.Cash. Users tip out of their own XRP reserves.

That said, gFam was my biggest earner in July.

Total XRP tipped = 210.499893; USD value = $79.4426596182

Hive (HP/HBD)

I’ve seen some steady and consistent growth on Hive. My earnings were about $5 more in July than in June. July is my second biggest month to date, behind March when I earned approximately $23.00. One of the contributing factors to those earnings is the value of Hive itself. On March 31, Hive was over $1. It isn’t quite there now, although it was 86 cents on August 1. It has come down a bit since then. Still, it’s over 50 cents where it has not been since the end of June.

Total HP earned = 13.474; USD value = $11.8988894

HBD earned = 4.666; USD value = $4.66

TOTAL EARNED (USD Value) = $16.5588894

Hive price since beginning of 2022; source = CoinMarketCap

Noise/Read.Cash (BCH)

For some reason, I didn’t note my BCH earnings on these two platforms, but I did note my USD equivalent.

Noise and Read.Cash have a lot of potential. I am beginning to tip others more and that accounts for some of my lower earnings because those tips come directly out of my wallet. But the real reason my earnings have dropped significantly is the random bot that has been tipping my posts almost daily for the past few months has stopped tipping me. Since it’s random, I can only assume I was targeted for a while then untargeted. I have no idea how the random tipping bot selects who to tip, so I can’t say why it suddenly quit tipping me at all any more than I can say why it suddenly started tipping every post for about three months in a row. At any rate, my earnings fell significantly because of that.

On the bright side, I did pick up a sponsor on Read.Cash last month. More sponsors will mean more earnings (hint, wink).

TOTAL EARNED (USD Value) = $2.55

Publish0x (AMPL/ETH)

Publish0x has been a consistent earner for months. But a change last month has benefited me tremendously in July.

Last month, the platform began rewarding authors in ether, replacing Statera. Each post is randomly rewarded in either AMPL or ETH when a reader tips an author. I have no idea how the reward amount is selected for each tip, but I’ve noticed that my ETH earnings were significantly higher than my AMPL earnings. I’m not complaining.

NOTE: My earnings here are estimated because I kept some AMPL in my account for a couple of months rather than transferring it to my wallet and failed to note how much that was before recording my tips for July. This, however, is a huge leap from my usual monthly earnings in the $10 to $15 range.

Total AMPL earned = 15.5431

Total ETH earned = 0.01570382

USD Value = $23.16172 (an estimated amount)

Torum (XTM)

Torum never fails to present new opportunities for earnings. In July, my earnings were in line with earlier months, at least as far as USD value is concerned. My XTM earnings were much higher, but the value of XTM has fallen.

Total HP earned = 57.44; USD value = $1.8357824

Coil (USD)

My primary sources of earnings from the Coil protocol include a website I own, gFam, and my YouTube channel. For the past couple of months, my earnings have been going up. In May, they were 19 cents. In June, they were $1.12. In July, they more than doubled month-over-month. I attribute most of this to increased traffic to my YouTube channel.

Total USD earned = $2.55

Presearch (PRE)

My earnings on Presearch are based primarily on the number of searches I conduct each month. If I conduct more searches, I earn more PRE. July was the worst month I’ve had so far, in terms of USD value earned.

Total PRE earned = 48.61; USD value = $4.3792749

TOTAL EARNINGS IN USD VALUE FOR JULY 2022 = $131.08 (rounded to the nearest penny)

July is the best month I’ve had since I started tracking my cryptosocial earnings. I find that encouraging and hope to increase these earnings even more in the coming months.

Interested in any of these platforms? You can join them by clicking a link below. What other cryptosocial platforms do you know that I can try? Where have you managed to see some success with your cryptosocial activity?

Want to learn more about cryptosocial media? Check out my book Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media.

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Written by   26
2 days ago
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That gFAM sounds interesting. TBH I seen many things that I never heard about it in your earning list! Keep it up with the good work!

$ 0.00
2 days ago

Thanks! gFam is pretty new. It's totally based on tips, and the platform doesn't get any cut of it. Since the tips come from other users' wallets, you keep 100% of it. But I recommend joining with Coil, which costs $5/month, so that you can earn based on time on page. The platform does get a small cut of that, but it's very small.

$ 0.00
1 day ago

Will check it next week. Referral link?

$ 0.00
1 day ago

Neither gfam nor Coil have affiliate programs, unfortunately. But you can join and let me know when and where. I'll support you. Plus, Coil has the added benefit of letting you monetize websites and your YouTube channel, if you have one. Also, Twitch.

Read up on it a bit. I think you'll like it.

$ 0.00
1 day ago

Wanted to do it today but gave up after installing a new wallet, trying to transfer 10 XRP and Binance limit being 30 and upwards. Don't think it suits me as I don't use Youtube or Twitch much

$ 0.00
1 day ago

You don't have to connect it to YouTube or Twitch. Those are just options. You can monetize your own websites, and there are a few other platforms that are connected to it ... Cinnamon,, and some others. Just another way to monetize.

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16 hours ago

He's not called The Random Rewarder for nothing!

I posted a thorough deep dive on Polygon recently. This doubled my reader count and clocked almost 4000 views on Publish0x. Good ol' Rusty decided to blank on it though. My presumption is that the content was artificially frowned upon seeing as I wasn't talking about BCH.

$ 0.00
2 days ago

I've received plenty of random tips on content not about BCH. I just think it's totally random, but to me that means getting tipped once in a while. I think it's odd that I got tipped every single post for a couple of months, then it suddenly stopped. That doesn't seem random. lol

$ 0.00
1 day ago

My content is rarely about BCH but the tips are still random. My thoughts is that the algorithm is based on views, comments and random. Its impossible to predict Rusty... I has even 12 days gaps with no tips and an article tipped up to $700

$ 0.00
2 days ago

Trending views could have something to do with it. I hadn't thought of that.

$ 0.00
1 day ago

Yeah he's all over the place. Anyway, the key thing is to focus on the writing and the community. That's what will make or break the platform in the long run as the magic AI money will dry up at some point or another.

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2 days ago

Yes, the key is to focus on writing and community, not the rewards. Good point.

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1 day ago

The idea is to keep presence everywhere while focusing on the top earners

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2 days ago