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U.S., Not China, Now the Leader in Crypto Mining

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7 months ago
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China has given up its lead in crypto mining to the U.S. Following close behind is Kazakhstan. Countries where bitcoin has been banned. And, yes, China is on the list. One bitcoin miner in England stole almost $44,000 worth of electricity. He’ll be sorry for that! Bitcoin finally broke the $60,000 barrier again, a long-awaited event for many crypto fans. It currently sits over $61,000. But Jamie Dimon still thinks it’s worthless.

Protocol asks: Which platform will take down Ethereum? HIVE Blockchain COO Aydin Kilic has some ideas on that. Meanwhile, TheStreet wants to show you how to trade Ethereum back to all-time highs. But you might not need that lesson if it explodes the way Blockonomi says it will. CryptoBriefing takes a look at Ethereum’s on-chain metrics and says its ready for a rally. What do you think?

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum recently saw double-digit increases. Demand is going up, and so is price. Is the bull run ramping up?

From the Metaverse to Soccer

Luxury auction house Sotheby’s is launching an NFT platform called Metaverse. If this doesn’t legitimize NFTs, then I don’t know what will.

The SEC has approved the first crypto ETF.

Coinbase is now the target of a class-action lawsuit for not registering as a securities exchange.

Binance could be seeking to headquarter in Dubai.

Opera browser is looking for a crypto wallet product manager.

Want to know how to transfer crypto from to Coinbase? Market Realist will show you, in 6 simple steps.

Valve will no longer allow blockchain games and NFTs on Steam.

EOS Foundation to issue $600,000 in grants.

Magnum Real Estate Group has a commercial real estate property for sale and will take bitcoin.

Tron founder Justin Sun buys Digital Zones NFTs for $2 million.

A church in Mississippi allows parishioners to pay tithes in cryptocurrency. Hallelujah!

Should retirees buy cryptocurrencies?

The Professional Footballers Association (soccer, for U.S. readers) has issued guidance to players regarding investing in crypto. They’d like players to stop.

Image credit: Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index.

This post is not financial advice. Please seek a financial advisor before investing in crypto. First published at Cryptocracy.

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Written by   18
7 months ago
Topics: Cryptocurrency
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