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Review Cryptosocial, Earn More Crypto

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2 months ago

Today is the last call to get my book Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media at the discounted price of $2.99. The price goes up tomorrow!

But this post isn’t about buying my book so much as it in reviewing it. Keep reading to learn how you can earn rewards for reviewing Cryptosocial—even if you’ve already reviewed it on Amazon or Goodreads.

To encourage more reviews, I’m making a special offer to Cryptocracy readers. Review my book and get more upvotes, tips, and shares of your cryptosocial posts for an entire month.

Keep reading to see how it works.


If you’re on Publish0x—and if you’re not, you should be—first, follow me. Then, buy a copy of my book in any format (the Kindle version is only $2.99 at Amazon), and review it on your Publish0x blog. When you do, I’ll …

  • Tip your review post 100 percent

  • Tip subsequent posts (limit 1 per day) at the default of 80 percent for one month

  • Tip your subsequent posts 90 percent (again, limit 1 per day for an entire month) if you tweet your book review post or share it on LinkedIn or Facebook. Do all three and I’ll up that to 100 percent.

  • If you also leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or another place the book is sold online, I’ll tip 1 post per day for a month at 100 percent

If you decide to take this offer, be sure to tag me in your Publish0x post (my username is @allentaylor). If you share on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn, be sure to take me on those platforms, as well. Click the links to see my profile name. You’ll also want to follow me on those platforms if you have a presence.

This offer is good up to my tipping limit on Publish0x.


If you’re on Hive (and if you’re not, you should be), follow me and write a review post of my book. For one month, I’ll upvote your review post 100 percent, reblog it, and share it on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. As a side note, I’ll be adding 100 HIVE to my staking account. On Hive, your voting mojo is tied to the amount of Hive Power you have. I’ll be increasing my Hive Power before review posts start coming in.

In addition to upvoting your book review post 100 percent and reblogging it, I’ll upvote subsequent posts at least 50 percent for one full month with one caveat: As long as I have resource credits available.

This is another reason it’s important for me to increase my Hive Power. Resource credits on Hive determine how much upvoting and blogging I can do, or to put it in other words, how much of the blockchain resources I can use.

Again, to take advantage of this offer, tag me on Hive so I’ll see your review. If you share your review on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, I’ll take that under consideration when upvoting your subsequent posts on Hive.

Be sure to tag me in your post (@allentaylor) so I’ll see it.


Another cryptosocial platform I’d like to encourage reviews of my book on is Loop. Be sure to follow me on Loop and post your review. Tag me (@allentaylor) so I’ll see it. Here’s what I’ll do.

I’ll 5-star your review post and share it on my social accounts beyond Loop. Additionally, I’ll give each of your subsequent posts at least a 4-star rating for a whole month. Outstanding posts will get a 5-star review.


I also highly recommend Read.Cash. If you’re not there, get there. Be sure to follow me (username is @cryptocracy).

If you publish your book review on Read.Cash, I’ll give you a 5-cent tip on the review post. Then, I’ll tip subsequent posts 1 to 5 cents each for an entire month. My tip amount will depend on how many reviews I get on Read.Cash. I may decide to tip a post even more.

I’ll increase these tips if you share your review post on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Because I’m not sure if tags work on Read.Cash, make sure you contact me in some way to let me know you published a review of my book. You can do that on any of the social platforms I’ve mentioned or reply to this newsletter if you are subscribed on Substack. If you’re not subscribed, you might want to do that.


Because Torum is a different animal, rewards will work differently on that platform. All you have to do is review Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media anywhere else and share it on Torum as a regular post. You can get creative here. If you have a podcast or a YouTube channel, you can review the book for your listeners or viewers in that format and share it on Torum. If you have a blog, you can write a review on your blog and share it on Torum. Alternatively, if you just want to post your review on Torum, make sure it’s 250-300 words in length. In other words, don’t just post “I liked this book” and call that a review. If you do post on Torum, be sure to link to the book on Amazon.

For reviews on Torum, I’ll upvote your post and spread or repost it. Then I’ll upvote and spread or repost subsequent posts of yours for a whole month (limit 1 per day).

Be sure to tag me in your post so I’ll know you posted your review.

LinkedIn Pulse

If you blog or have a newsletter on LinkedIn, I’ve got a deal for you too. Post your review on your LinkedIn blog or your LinkedIn newsletter and I’ll share it with my 5,000+ followers. I’ll also tweet it and share it on Facebook. I may also share subsequent posts for a whole month.


If you have a blog and you write a review for your blog, I’ll share your review on all of my social media accounts, including relevant cryptosocial accounts, and include it in an issue of the Cryptocracy newsletter.

Wrap Up

This deal goes into effect immediately, but you must buy the book at Amazon in order to give a decent review. Now is the best time to buy because it is currently $2.99 in the Kindle format and will be going up tomorrow.

Monthly post upvotes, tips, and shares will begin in May, but if you post your review before then, I’ll honor my commitment to that post when you tag me in it.

If you’re wondering whether you can stack your reviews and post them to multiple platforms and get all the rewards, the answer is yes! If you write a review on your blog and repost it to all of the platforms mentioned above, you’ll get rewarded on each of the platforms as described.

Be sure that you tag me in your review posts and if you share them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, then tag me on those platforms too.

One final thing: I’m not asking you to give a positive review. I’m asking you for honest reviews. If you review the book at all on any of the platforms mentioned, I’d also ask you to review it on Amazon, Goodreads, or anywhere the book is sold online.

Any questions? Feel free to ask in a comment or hit reply if you’re reading this in your email.

Cryptocracy is a decentralized newsletter published 4 times a week. I curate the latest news and crypto analysis from some of the brightest minds in crypto, and sometimes offer a little insightful and snarky commentary. Always fresh, always interesting, and always crypto.

First published at Cryptocracy. Not to be construed as financial advice.

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Written by   23
2 months ago
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