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My Crypto Earnings in February 2022

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3 months ago

I intended to create this report yesterday but forgot. My apologies. You get to see it today instead.

The following is how much crypto I earned in February 2022 through cryptosocial media platforms and protocols, and staking.

Cryptosocial/Search Earnings

Loop Markets

I’m impressed with the earnings I’ve received from Loop Markets. It is the clear winner, month to month. However, there is still that lingering frustration that, from time to time, the site gets persnickety. In the last couple of days, for instance, I’ve been unable to post due to technical difficulties. I hope that is resolved soon.

In February, however, there were no such issues. So I got to post every day I produce the Cryptocracy newsletter—4 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday). My earnings for the month = $103.46.

Earnings = $103.46


I could be doing better on Hive. I know this. But I’ve attempted to start from scratch because that’s how most users are likely to come at it.

My earnings in Hive Dollars (HBD) were $3.43. My Hive Power (HP) earnings were $4.07. That’s a total of $7.50.

I could increase these earnings by doing three things.

  1. Increasing my engagement on other people’s posts with comments. On Hive, commenters also earn when others upvote their comments. I do comment occasionally on others’ posts, but not as much as I could. One reason is because commenting costs Resource Credits, which are necessary for posting to one’s own blog. Resource Credits are determined by one’s HP, which, at this point, is only at 9.159. The bright side is every time I claim new rewards (every 7 days 4 times a week), my HP goes up.

  2. Upvote other Hive users’ posts and comments more often. This allows me to cash in on the rewards of those upvotes. Upvoting costs fewer Resource Credits than comments, but it does costs. And there’s also the cost in time. Still, I would earn a few more HP and HBD if I did more upvoting.

  3. Finally, I could add some HP by simply adding to my account. I’d have to buy Hive and stake it. Doing so would increase my HP and therefore my Resource Credits and my earnings from upvotes, comments, and posts. The more HP you have, the more you can potentially earn.

I’d also like to point out that commenting and upvoting would put my Hive account on the radar of other Hiver users, which would attract more followers and people likely to upvote my posts. I’m going to have to figure out a way to make the time for engaging with others’ posts on Hive. Meanwhile, my earnings in February 2022 was …

Earnings = $7.50


I know I’m not using Minds the way it can be used for maximum earnings, but I’m not sure how to increase my earnings on Minds. I’m not even sure I like the platform. Nevertheless, my earnings for the month were 30 cents.

Earnings = $.30

MG Social

I’m even less impressed with MG Social than I a with Minds. My images never upload and therefore all content is text only. That doesn’t do much to attract attention. As such, my earnings were 29 cents in February.

Earnings = $.29

Noise and Read Cash

I’m combining my earnings from Read Cash and Noise Cash because they use the same wallet. But I like Read Cash better.

Noise Cash has the occasional technical issue and I can’t always access the site. However, they seem to fix those quickly. Still, when I copy/paste my newsletter to the site, links are not active. That lowers the value of the post to the reader. I do manage to see some engagement, however, and my earnings for February 2022 were $1.13.

Read Cash is infinitely better. However, there is one frustration. When I upload an image, other than the lead image (a thumbnail), it appears at the bottom of the post. I then have to cut the content below where I want that image to appear and paste it below the image itself in order to place the image where it belongs. That’s a slight annoyance. Otherwise, I like Read Cash. My engagement is better than it is on Noise Cash and there is a bot that comes by a few times a week to reward my posts. My earnings for February 2022 were $8.74.

One other frustration with my Bitcoin Cash wallet is that I can’t move my BCH off either site due to network fees. Noise Cash wants an actual Bitcoin Cash wallet rather than a personal wallet I have control over. While the earnings are okay, I’m not sure, at this point, how useful my earnings will be to me.

Earnings = $9.87


I can’t say this enough: Publish0x is my favorite cryptosocial blogging platform. I can’t remember a time I’ve seen technical issues interrupt my activity, my posts see lots of engagement (upvotes, tips, and comments), and I like the look and feel of the site. It has many positives and few negatives. My earnings for February 2022 were $10.27.

One thing I really like about Publish0x is it is steady and predictable on earnings. I can rely on earnings in the neighborhood of $10 every month.

With 925 followers, I’m satisfied with how my posting is going on Publish0x. I don’t have to work hard to attract new followers, however, it seems that new follower acquisition has slowed a bit. If I can expect $10 in earnings for every 1,000 followers, all I need to do to grow my earnings is attract more followers.

Earnings = $10.27


It’s difficult to gauge my monthly earnings on Torum because they all go into one big pool, and since the price of XTM fluctuates daily, I can’t get a true picture of my earnings. Since last month, it looks as if I’ve lost money but that’s only because the price of XTM has gone down. My token count has gone up.

I think the solution is to allow my daily and weekly Mission Rewards to accumulate until the end of the month and claim them on the last day of the month. I didn’t do that in February. I claimed my rewards two or three times throughout the month. Now, I can’t determine how much they actually were. Look for this adjustment next month. I’m going to guess at my earnings for the month of February based on my earnings for March thus far being 5.38 XTM. That’s an equivalent of 91 cents.

Since today is the fifth day of March, I’ll multiply 91 cents by 6 to get an expected earnings and use that as my probable earnings for the month of February.

Earnings = $5.46


Coil is a protocol that allows me to monetize my own web properties and certain social media accounts. I’ve got three websites using the protocol and my YouTube account. Earnings for February were 27 cents.

It’s easy to see the way to earn more with Coil is to increase the traffic to your monetized properties and channels. That’s my plan.

Earnings = $.27


Presearch is not a cryptosocial platform or protocol. It’s a search engine that allows users to earn a few tokens for each search they make. Since I conduct a lot of searches every month, I figure I could earn some good money with Presearch. The problem is figuring out my monthly earnings is that all my tokens go in one pool and the price of PRE fluctuates throughout the day every day.

The best way to keep tabs of this is to record my total PRE count at the end of each month. I started doing that this month, so I won’t have an accurate account until the end of March. But my best guess based on the data I have is that earnings for February 2022 were $10.11.

Earnings = $10.11

Total Earnings

Total earnings is a little misleading because some of the values I’m playing with include several positions to the right of the decimal point (in tokens and USD value). I’ve rounded down to the nearest penny in all cases. My Excel spreadsheet says I earned $152.09 in February 2022, but if you add the numbers above you’ll get $147.53.

Total Earnings from Cryptosocial and Presearch = $147.53


Staking is somewhat risky because, in most cases, it involves keeping your crypto on an exchange or a web-based platform. I’m currently staking through Coinbase and my desktop wallet Exodus. These are my earnings from staked cryptocurrencies in February 2022.

TerraUSD (UST)

I’m currently staking UST through Loop Markets. On Loop Markets, you can blog and earn LOOPR for your community engagement. The amount of LOOPR you hold in your account determines how much LOOP you earn in the monthly LOOP airdrops. You can then stake that LOOP in three month increments up to a year. The Loop Markets DEX also allows you pool or farm your LOOP-UST pairs. In February 2022, I staked some LOOP for a three-month period and earned $1.34.

Staked Earnings = $1.34


My DAI earnings have fallen off a bit, I think. That’s likely because the APR has been reduced. However, they’ve been consistent and pay out every few days. My earnings for last month were a modest 4 cents.

Staked Earnings = $.04

Cosmos (ATOM)

I’m very pleased with my ATOM earnings. Both Exodus and Coinbase offer ATOM staking, but Exodus pays more. Because of the way Exodus reports ATOM staking rewards, this figure represents several months of earnings. My rewards for February 2022 were $46.82.

I’m hoping to get more pinpointed in my earnings reports to keep the numbers more accurate month to month, but that requires delving deep into when rewards are reported and actually added to my wallet.

Staked Earnings = $46.82

Cardano (ADA)

My ADA earnings for February 2022 were 22 cents.

Staked Earnings = $.22


Like some other coins, both Coinbase and Exodus offers staking rewards for Tezos. Last month, I used Exodus. My earnings were 7 cents.

Staked Earnings = $.07

Algorand (ALGO)

No matter where you stake any coin or token, you’ve got to keep a close eye on your APY—Annual Percentage Yield. Platforms will lower your APY without notice, and if you can get a higher APY on another platform, then you might move your ALGO. I did that in the middle of February. I had been earning better rewards on Exodus, but they lowered their staking rewards so I moved my ALGO back to Coinbase. I didn’t like doing that because I prefer to keep my crypto off of exchanges and in my personal wallets. My ALGO rewards for February 2022 were $1.35.

Staked Earnings = $1.35


I’ve had some of my ETH staked as ETH2 since Coinbase started offering it. My earnings for ETH2 in February represents several months of earnings so this is a bit skewed. $15.06.

Staked Earnings = $15.06


I keep a fair amount of USDC as I research projects to invest in. Why not stake it as it sits? Coinbase allows me to do that.

Again, I’d prefer to keep my USDC in a personal wallet, but I decided to take advantage of the staking opportunity and earned less than one cent in February 2022. I’ll round up this time to 1 cent.

I may just pull my USDC out of staking and put it in my personal wallet where it belongs.

Staked Earnings = $.01

Total Stake Earnings

Like, cryptosocial earnings, we’re dealing with very small amounts of tokens and USD values with several points to the right of decimal. Again, I’ve rounded down my earnings to the nearest penny, with one noted exception above. My Excel spreadsheet says I’ve earned $64.94. If you add up the above values, it comes to $64.91.

Total stake earnings = $64.91

Adding up both staked rewards and earnings from cryptosocial media and Presearch, my total crypto earnings for February 2022 come to $212.44.

Total crypto earnings = $212.44

Connect with me on these platforms. Let’s support each other’s work.

First published at Cryptocracy. Not financial advice.

Image credit: Unsplash

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