Mastercard, Polygon, Litecoin, and Web3 Advances

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Mastercard to allow Web3 payments in USDCMastercard is partnering with Web3 payment protocol Immersive. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will make your Web3 wallet more secure.

Polygon Labs lays off 20 percent of workforce. Polygon isn’t the first blockchain firm to do this, and it likely won’t be the last. There is a general sentiment in business circles that a recession is on the horizon. Companies are preparing for the worst.

A Litecoin developer forks Bitcoin Ordinals, taking NFTs to bitcoin’s baby brother.

BlackRock launches metaverse ETF.

Blur rewards NFT creators that block OpenSeaI missed this until Forefront point it out in their newsletter. OpenSea responded by cutting transaction fees. The full scale war is on. BLUR’s price could climb 30 percent by March. Singing another tune, investors are pulling away from NFT marketplace tokens overall. Read more on Blur hereIs Blur a gamechanger? Will its presence in the market spur on more NFT activity? Anything is possible.

Why the Web3 user experience should be entirely self-custodialI couldn’t agree with this more. There is a lot of talk about onboarding new people to Web3, but developers aren’t making that onboarding process easier. In most cases, they promise decentralization and deliver an extra layer of centralization. If Web3 is to go mainstream, it must deliver on the promise of decentralization in a seamless way that makes it easy to get in and get out with fewer hassles.

Ankr Network jumps 80 percent after Microsoft partnership announcement.

The Stacks Token bounced 130 percent in one week. See? Ordinals are good for something.

Bosch and partner on Web3 tech.

Do Web3 startups need better funding programsA worthy defense of incubator and builder support programs for Web3 startups and founders. Of course, it takes money to build things, but a focus on just the money without addressing leadership best practices is sure death for a startup—Web2 or Web3.

LinksDAO is voting to decide whether to make an offer on a Scottish golf courseFore!

On Arbitrum: Factor raises $4.3 million on Day One of token sale. Meanwhile, Hope Finance loses $2 million of user funds in smart contract exploit.

3 ways Web2 companies are getting into Web3.

How NFTs are making a comeback.

Pop star Jewel is taking mental health to the metaverseFuture citizens of the metaverse will likely need mental health support. NASA has pivoted its training toward the metaverse.

Former UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock launches his own NFTThere’s no reason politicians can’t have their own social or creator tokens. They can accept donations in their tokens and use them to pay expenses related to their campaigns. There may be thousands of other creative uses for them, as well.

DAOs can deepen organizational trust and transparencyAccording to Wharton School’s business journal.

Friendsies NFT project deletes its Twitter accountIf you want to be accused of masterminding a rug pull, delete your Twitter account. If you actually are pulling the rug, you shouldn’t delete your Twitter account unless you’ve posted incriminating content that tips off your followers of your intent, in which case you’re an idiot.

Saudi Arabia has a giant metaverse cube the size of 20 Empire State buildings.

Momint has launched a blockchain-based electric energy production solution in South Africa. Very interesting and creative use of solar cells.


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