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FREE Microclass: Getting Started in Cryptosocial Media

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This Thursday!

Join Ryan Gerardi and me on Clubhouse. I’ll be giving an introduction to how to get started in cryptosocial media, a FREE microclass.

Topics I’ll cover include:

  • What distinguishes cryptosocial media from traditional social media

  • What’s the difference between a platform and a protocol

  • The importance of decentralization

  • The benefits of cryptosocial media for the average content creator

  • 5 types of digital wallets and which ones you should have before you start

  • Other Web3 tools you need to play on cryptosocial media

  • 10 cryptosocial media platforms to try and 1 monetization protocol

  • How you can earn cryptocurrencies by playing games

  • What you can do if you own a business

  • The future of social media

  • And more!

There will be a question and answer period at the end of the presentation. Go to and sign up with Crypto Pros for a free starter kit. Otherwise, let’s connect on Clubhouse this Thursday at 1 p.m. EST.

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What’s Going On in Crypto?

This portion of today’s newsletter will be shorter than usual, but I feel like you deserve the links based on what’s been happening in the market the last few days. You ARE keeping up with the LUNA/UST drama, aren’t you?

Speaking of drama, it looks as if the Luna Foundation Guard is going to compensate smallholders for their losses. On another note, Terra Co-Founder Do Kwon proposed to fork the Terra blockchain, but 90 percent of participants in a preliminary vote are against it. Meanwhile, Kwon may be summoned to appear in a South Korean hearing to discuss what went wrong. In a tweet, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao says he’s “poor again” after his LUNA investment fell to a value of $3,000. It was worth $1.6 billion. Others are lamenting the loss of their life savingsLuna’s story is sad for anyone who gambled and lost, but it’s a lesson to be learned. Never invest more than you can lose, and don’t be greedy. Also, think about the consequences of any promises that might be broken. It seems evident to me that the LUNA crash was inevitable. Now the question is, can it recover? What’s your take? Will LUNA recover?

Coinbase is planning to slow its hiring in light of the market downturn.

The Celsius Network submits paperwork to go public.

What if NFTs and governing rights were soulbound(THIS IS A MUST-READ FROM VITALIK BUTERIN)

Robinhood is building a Web3 wallet to ride the NFT wave. DeviantArt is expanding its system for flagging stolen NFT art.

Why the crypto crash is great news for the rest of the world.

The Polygon and Fantom blockchains are poaching projects from the Terra blockchain, hoping to capitalize on the misfortune. I can’t blame them. If I was a project manager on the Terra blockchain, I’d be looking for a new home too. In fact, I hope one of my favorite cryptosocial media platforms, Loop Markets, moves off of Terra.

A new study shows that a CBDC could improve social welfare, make an economy more efficient, and reduce tax evasion. I’m a little skeptical of this study in light of so few facts and no links to verify, but it is interesting. Is it possible that CBDCs could make an economy more efficient? If CBDCs, then why not other cryptocurrencies?

Can you sue a DAO?

As usual, snark and commentary in italics.

Cryptocracy is a decentralized newsletter published 4 times a week. I curate the latest news and crypto analysis from some of the brightest minds in crypto, and sometimes offer a little insightful and snarky commentary. Always fresh, always interesting, and always crypto.

First published at Cryptocracy. Not to be construed as financial advice.

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Written by   23
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