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Defluenced, Ep. 2: Why We Need Cryptosocial Media

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1 week ago

Before I get into the latest edition of the Defluenced podcast, I think you should I published yesterday’s Cryptocracy as a limited edition NFT on Cent Pages. There are only 4 left.

Yesterday morning, the second episode of Defluenced hit the airwaves. If you missed the announcement in Cryptocracy, here’s your chance to catch the recording. Unkle Bonehead and I are talking about our criteria for judging whether we should spend time on cryptosocial media. Rather than talk about which cryptosocial media platforms we like best, we decided to talk about what kind of criteria we use to judge that. Catch the episode below.

Where else can you find Defluenced? Glad you asked. Look below:

You’ll also find us on Ecency and Hive. The Defluenced website is here.

Head to your favorite place to listen to podcasts, subscribe to our channel, like our videos, and give us a rating.

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Written by   28
1 week ago
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