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Crypto Market Falls Below $1T

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3 months ago

Crypto market cap falls under $1 trillion market cap. Over the weekend, bitcoin fell below $20,000. This could be the worst August since 2015. Despite new lows, bitcoin mining difficult could see 8-month gains. Some people would say this is a great opportunity to buy.

Ethereum funding rates hits 14-month low. Why you should invest in Ethereum before the Merge, according to The Motley Fool.

Coinbase adds Hedera to listing roadmap.

Solana fans can now enjoy an adult beverage named after their favorite blockchain. Beer maker barrelDAO sells out of NFTs that entitle buyers to a 16-pack. Unfortunately, transaction fees are lower than the cost of the lemonade-flavored shandy.

Source: barrelDAO via Decrypt

MakerDAO cofounder Rune Christensen advocates for free floating DAI.

A list of the latest Binance delistings.

XTZ plunges after Binance-Baking Bad brouhaha.

CreatorDAO raises $20 million.

Messari says OpenSea has some new competition.

Key influencer says the SV in Bitcoin SV is temporaryHe must be smoking something, and it’s likely not SV.

10 ways to make money in crypto. What isn’t mentioned are the 100+ cryptosocial media sites that will pay you in crypto for posting to them. I talk about them in my book, Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media. One recent reader raves about it.

Grammy-nominated artist Scott Hansen sees NFTs and Web3 as a way to ditch “middle man” social media.

Put your content to work at Read.Cash/Noise.Cash.

The top 4 social dapps on the market. I honestly don’t know why these lists include Steemit and not Hive, which is an improvement over Steemit, IMHO. Is it because they are shillers or they just haven’t heard of Hive? Considering this author, I find it hard to believe he hasn’t heard of Hive. In fact, I’m pretty sure he has.

Coinsilium CEO says CBDCs are no match for private cryptoPrivate cryptocurrencies are certainly where the market is, but which is best for consumers isn’t the point. Monetary choice allows every consumer an opportunity to choose which cryptocurrency to use and for which set of circumstances.

NFT market misses $1 billion in trades mark for the first time in over a year. On the other hand, NFT theft in the last year scaled to more than $100 million.

Interoperability is the key to crypto mass adoptionMost people have no idea what interoperability means. The masses won’t adopt crypto until they can be assured they have protections. In other words, regulation.

British school teacher loses a fortune in crypto. When you’re this high up in gains, the wise thing to do is scrape off your initial investment so that all you have left to lose are your gains. When the market falls, reinvest that initial investment. Play to the upsides, but don’t be snookered by the downsides.

Using crypto to pay for luxury travel.

18 uncomfortable truths about the NFT industry.

What is the “third wave” of tokenization?

Can Web3 save the environment?

Someone turned Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse avatar into an arachnidNo empathy.

Morgan Creek Capital CEO says user-friendly wallets will lead to surge in crypto users.

Oh my! Meet the first-ever fragrance NFT subscriptionLynyrd Skynyrd says, “What’s that smell?”

NearPay launches custodial crypto wallet in Europe, UK.

Singapore may tighten its rules on crypto trading.

India has 115 million crypto investors, and that’s growing.

Snark and commentary in italics, where I’ve always said they’d be.

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Written by   33
3 months ago
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Thanks for summary crypto today, my friend. Greetings.

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You're welcome. I hope it helps you.

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All markers of a classic bear market.

Solana Shandy. Lol... think I'm gonna have to pass on that one.

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3 months ago

Yeah, I laughed at it too. Probably a good thing they sold out. I used to have a bad habit of testing bad beers. Remember Harley beer? A name brand is all it was. Tasted horrible.

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2 months ago

I'm trying to forget about all beer. lol

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