CBDC: Banks Will Fight Like Hell

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1 year ago

Bitcoin made its biggest leap in six months. Could it have hit bottom? Meanwhile, open interest on crypto exchanges is growing.

ETHPOW has dropped 80 percent since threat of Ethereum fork. Could the Merge trigger a pump and dump?

Should the U.S. government get into crypto(A GREAT READ) And, I’ve got to say, a little freaky if not psychedelic. If the Fed says “yes” to crypto, it could induce a long, hard fight with the country’s banksIn fact, I’d say the reason the Fed is dragging its feet on the issue because it knows it will have to fight bankers tooth and nail if it decides to issue a digital currency. Not only will banks fight hard to maintain the status quo, but it could lead to the biggest fight in U.S. financial history because crypto poses a threat to the hegemony banks have over the U.S. economy. The only way banks will ever capitulate to crypto is if they can make money on it and control its distribution. Otherwise, expect blood in the streets. The idea advanced by some that a CBDC will ensure greater financial inclusion is a pipedream. That will happen over the bank lobby’s dead body.

Celsius agrees to independent investigation.

Tornado Cash fallout leads to increase in privacy coins.

The state of digital assets in 2022.

Blockchain.com has provisional approval to operate in Dubai.

Can cryptocurrency help the unbankedA lot of thought energy is put into “helping the unbanked” and, usually, what that means is helping them become banked. But is that really a good idea? What benefits do banks really offer? Low or no interest on money held in accounts, access to loans that are often detrimental to one’s financial health, and a safe place to store money you aren’t using right now. One out of three ain’t bad. Truth is, I’ve had a bank account for a long time and the only real benefit I see to a bank is having a place to store money I’m not using right now. A crypto wallet offers the same benefit without having to prove that I’m good enough to walk through somebody’s door.

How risky are DeFi flash loans?

Fake websites pose as crypto exchanges.

What are the differences between Web2 and Web3?

10 NFT investors expanding the digital art and gaming horizon.

Why privacy is more important now than everThis is an opinion piece by David Chaum, the father of the cypherpunks and the man responsible for taking cryptography into the private realm.

The European Union uses NFTs to fight counterfeitingI wish there was this kind of forward thinking in the U.S.

How to de-Google your phone and use bitcoin privately.

Blockchain: The fifth wave of computing.

Can the industrial metaverse manufacture no-touch, lights-out product making?

Crypto528: What is it and what’s it for? An interview with the DAOs cofounder.

School of Block enrolls in the metaverse.

Whampoa, the investment arm of one of Singapore’s largest family offices, is betting $100 million on Web3.

Bitcoin: A tale of two Amsterdams(AN EXCELLENT READ) When someone in the U.S. mentions Amsterdam, I immediately think about tales of rampant drug use. I’ve never been there, but those tales come from the fact that the Dutch have liberal views concerning drugs and personal health. This article is about how bitcoin is prevalent in Amsterdam, and I must say it’s a fine, fine read.

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Depends on if ETH actually gets PoS right or not. If they can actually compete with other chains users will quickly see the benefits of PoS and staking rewards. I'd predict a dump followed by a pump, but largely at BTC's mercy.

No way Bitcoin has seen its bottom yet, economically and logistically speaking. Flippers market at their own risk for the last while.

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1 year ago

A lot rides on whether POS lowers ETH gas fees. Most experts are saying it won't.

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1 year ago