How to Earn Bitcoins using Hitzboost and Bitbin

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1 year ago

Hitzboost is a website that allows you to drive traffic to your website. There is a free software on it that makes you visit automatically other people's websites (you don't have to watch or do anything, you can just let it run in the background). By viewing other people's websites, you earn minutes which will be used to drive people to your website. More information about how it works here.

Now to the part we are interested in, how do you earn bitcoins with Hitzboost ?
With Bitbin which is a website like PasteBin but where you earn bitcoins every time someone visits your paste.

Here's how to do it :

Go to my Referral Link : or Direct link

Sign up and download their software

Go to
Read the FAQ to see what you aren't allowed to post then post what you want !
Give your paste a title, go to the tab Earn Bitcoins where you paste your bitcoin address and click submit paste.

1. You now have the link of your paste in the URL address bar. Copy it !
2. Go back to hitzboost, to the tab My Websites
3. Submit Website and paste your bitbin link
4. Click submit review
5. Run the Hitzboost Web Viewer or software that you downloaded previously

And that's it ! Hits are now being sent to your bitbin link and you will start earning bitcoins Smiley

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