Earn bitcoins with your pastes

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1 year ago

BITBIN is the site works just like an ordinary pastebin-type site. The site allows you to upload 'pastes', short pieces of text that can be anything from source code to chat logs. BitBin allows you to earn bitcoins in form of our ad revenue sharing program. Just enter your Bitcoin address when submitting the paste and you will automatically get your share from our ad revenue based on the amount of unique hits your paste gets in comparison to all other monetized pastes as whole.


In addition to bitcoin revenue share, BitBin also has syntax highlighting and optional client-side paste encryption.

Since the site has just been launched, there may be some small hiccups with the site. Please let me know if you face any issues.

Sample Paste how it works , check out : https://bitbin.it/UDnxIhBb/

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