What does a security audit system do? What aspects does a security audit system include?

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1.What is the role of the security audit system?

The tracking function of security audit is to help security personnel to audit the reliability and security of the system, report the obvious attempt to hinder the operation of the system to the security console in time, and take timely measures. Generally, a security and confidentiality detection and control center should be established in the network system, which is responsible for monitoring, controlling, processing and auditing the security of the system. All security and confidentiality service functions, smart contract audit services all layers in the network are related to the audit trail system.

2. What aspects does the security audit system include?

A security audit involves four basic elements: control objectives, security vulnerabilities, control measures, and control tests. Among them, the control target refers to the security control requirements formulated by the enterprise according to the specific computer application and the actual situation of the unit. A security vulnerability refers to a weak link in a system’s security that can easily be interfered with or destroyed. Control measures refer to the security control technologies, configuration methods and various normative systems formulated by enterprises to achieve their security control objectives. Control testing is to compare the consistency of various security control measures of the enterprise with the predetermined security standards, to determine whether various control measures exist, smart contract audit whether they are implemented, whether the prevention of vulnerabilities is effective, and to evaluate the reliability of enterprise security measures. Obviously, as a special audit project, security audit requires auditors to have strong professional technical knowledge and skills.

3. What are the aspects of network security?

1. System security: the security of information processing and transmission systems. It focuses on keeping the system up and running. Avoid damage and loss of messages stored, processed and transmitted by the system due to system breakdown and damage.

2. Network information security: the security of system information on the network. Including user password authentication, user access authority control, data access authority, mode control, security audit, security problem follow-up, computer virus prevention, data encryption, etc.

3. Information dissemination security: Information dissemination security on the network includes information filtering. It focuses on preventing and controlling the consequences of the dissemination of harmful information, avoiding the runaway of information freely transmitted by the cloud on public networks.

4. Information content security: the security of information content on the network. It focuses on protecting the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of information. Avoid attackers taking advantage of the security leaks of the system to conduct, bsc smart contract audit impersonate, defraud and other behaviors that are detrimental to legitimate users.

What does a security audit system do? What aspects does a security audit system include? At present, there are many security audit systems on the market, and many companies have begun to develop them independently. You can take a look at the performance of the products and compare them comprehensively.

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