Is there place for a Spanish community here?

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2 years ago

Hello there, fellow readers (and noisers if you too are on the train).

I have a motto:

"Let's not make language a barrier in a free-barrier revolution"

It has come to my attention from my last posts (I upload content on other accounts related to nutrition and my hobby, cactus) that when you publish something on spanish it gets way less attention than when done in english (both from the reward bot and also from another users).

I've looked through the platform and found some other people writing in spanish, but most of the content, as I said, is in English. It's not something that bothers me at all, I personally think that this is the best f... language on earth. I love it more than I like my birth-language.

But it would be nice indeed if there was a space for spanish content to grow. I try and look at the big picture here, towards a future with massive crypto adoption worldwide. Sadly, not many people nowadays are familiar with the english language. At least in my country, where education isn't exactly something thought as "precious" by most people, including learning a new language. In those cases, and paradoxically where the crypto adoption could be a life-changing game, I think that the exposure of information and content on a language that everybody understands is crucial.

That's why I'll try and make this community here at Read more "variated" in languages. To see where it goes. Hopefully more people would jump on the train.

One sad aspect is that I can't create a community where people can go and check for spanish content. Nor I could find one, as there is no look tool to find a particular community.

So if you stumble upon this post, you talk/understand spanish and/or you manage a Spanish community, please send me the link for me to join!

Also... I mean Spanish as a whole language, not that particular from Spain (I'm from Argentina) but there seems to be a lot of folks out there that believe that Argentina is a place in Spain hahaha.

Anyways, I'll try my best and upload content as regular as possible about Crypto world, my thoughts, opinions, experience... So we can learn and grow together!


Lets not make language a border in a free-border Revolution!!

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2 years ago