Axie Infinity: Today's arena stats

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1 year ago

One of the most engaging features in this revolutionary game is the arena, also known as PVP mode. In pvp, you match yourself against other players. There is a MMR system that ensures you face players that are at your same level. If you get good at it, you'll climb the ranks and start facing more skilled players and so on. Every season has it's final rewards on AXS (major coin in Axie Infinity) depending on the rank you reach.

For the daily users that dont get to have enough good axies or good skills to reach high ranks, the source of income is SLP (Smooth Love Potion). You earn some playing PVE (against the IA) and, as mentioned, PVP.

When you first start playing, you kinda want to focus more on PVE to farm those SLP and when your axies are at a decent level, you can start using more of the daily energies for the PVP.

Today's SLP farming:

It's been quite a rough days lately, tbh. A couple weeks ago I was on the range of almost 300SLP per day, playing at a MMR of 1500-1700. I'm currently at 1200-1300.

The higher the MMR, the more you SLP you earn for each match you win. These are the current values:

  • 800-950 / 1 SLP

  • 950-1150 / 3-4 SLP

  • 1150-1350 / 6 SLP

  • 1350-1450 / 9 SLP

  • 1450-1550 / 12 SLP

  • 1550-1650 / 15 SLP

  • 1650-1750 / 18 SLP

  • 1750+ / 20 SLP

Today I earned only 129 SLP, using 40 energies on PVP. It's time to star focusing more on each match, study rivals better, learn new combos and try to get an improvement of my current team. It's not such a bad match-up but I could pick up something more useful. Specially againts terminators, which I face up almost every single match.

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