Learn how to create functional Telegram bots without knowing how to program

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If you have ever used Telegram then it is very likely that you have seen or used them at some point. And this messaging app is famous for being the first to include them. Yes, I'm talking about Telegram bots and it is very likely that you have also wondered, how to create Telegram bots without knowing how to program?

No doubt as a user of the messaging application, they must have seemed great and practical to you. They are in the groups to control spam or provide information and help. Some of them are used to download videos, music, podcasts, etc. and there are even some for playing games.

You may even have needed to create one to automate some process or manage your community, but you have not been able to do it for lack of programming skills. Despite all the posts and videos with sensationalist titles to create bots without programming, to make a functional bot you need programming skills and a 24 hours active server where to run the code. Well, that's how it was until now, because today I'm going to show you how to create Telegram bots without programming.

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But is a Telegram bot really necessary?

It really depends, but there are several advantages of having a Telegram bot, both for individual users and for startups and small businesses. Let's take a look at some of the advantages of creating Telegram bots:

  • Automation and time saving: you will manage to automate repetitive tasks such as sending welcome messages to new members of a group or channel, answering frequently asked questions, sending stats updates, etc. Achieving this automation will allow you to save time and effort on a day-to-day basis and increase the efficiency and productivity of both an individual and a business.

  • Accessibility: Telegram bots are accessible from anywhere and at any time, as long as you have Internet access and are registered in the app. Thanks to Telegram's features, they will be usable from any device and even via the web, which increases the convenience and accessibility of its services.

  • Customization: high customization, practically only limited by your creativity, as bots can even interact with other online services and platforms.

As you can see, creating a Telegram bot can be a very useful solution.

How to create Telegram bots without programming?

To manage to create a Telegram bot without programming we are going to make use of a no-code tool, yes, exactly, another Telegram bot 😏.

Let's take a look at the steps:

Step 1. BotFather, the daddy of chicks.

Screenshot taken by me.

Open Telegram and search for the bot "BotFather", here we have to pass all, code or no-code. Start it using the /newbot command and follow the instructions to create a new bot. At the end, the BotFather will give you an access token that you will need to interact with your bot, keep in mind that you must keep this token well, it is what gives you control over your bot and if it falls into malicious hands can get hold of it.

Step 2. Manybot: the no-code bot

Search in Telegram for the "Manybot" bot (access it directly from https://t.me/Manybot) and click "Start". The bot will send you a welcome message and a list of commands and instructions. Choose /addbot and follow the process.

Screenshot taken by me.

Once you have followed them you will be able to associate your bot with the token BotFather gave you. Once this is done you can move on to customization.

Step 3. Configure and customize your own bot without programming.

Go to the bot you created, if you entered the correct token it is already associated to Manybot and you can now use the different Manybot functions to create commands and define the operation flow.

Screenshot taken by me.

Keep in mind that the functions may be somewhat limited, but you will be able to create a bot without programming for a wide range of activities that cover most basic needs of a user or business. You'll be able to get your bot to take orders, share files, manage groups, etc. and all without throwing out a single line of code.

Image by Victoria_Watercolor at Pixabay

You will have to apply your creativity and make trial and error until you achieve a result that leaves you at ease. This is how I was able to create @canje a bot that allows me to provide a safe and fast option for cuHivers to exchange their currencies from Cuba. Try it -> https://t.me/CubaCanje_bot

If you have made it this far then you know that I fulfilled what I promised by telling you a way to create Telegram bots without knowing how to program. So, if you liked or found this tutorial useful, please share so that others can also learn about this option.

If you know of another way to create a Telegram bot without programming, that is simple and accessible, please share it in the comments, it's free and helps a lot.


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I used telegram before for joining airdrops. At furst I am curious how they set up the bots. That is very interesting to know about.

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Yes, Telegram is one of the most complete apps that exists. Is the one closer to be an everything app.

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