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Hi! Good morning. How are you doing? I hope you all are doing fine. I hope everything will be working in your favor. It's a heavy morning. My mind isn't working well. I'm bearing a heat stroke from yesterday. I spend my whole night with a headache just because of the unpleasant weather. Sincerely I couldn't sleep last night even an instant. As I became a victim of heatstroke. I was trying to find some precautions to avoid heatstroke. I decided it would be better if I share these important tips for avoiding heatstroke with you.

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It is vitally important to take steps to manage this kind of dehydrated and strong heat that is currently dominant in our dear homeland.

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  • Try, at least get out of the house or office. Always try to avoid going outside of your house every time. Don't go for unnecessary work and just enjoy the useless things. Always prefer to do many works in one instance of time. Don't go outside to do work one by one. Collect different kinds of work. Go outside and do these altogether.

  • And it is well not to go out in the sun. Going outside in strong sunlight can affect your health badly. Going outside in the morning and evening is better than going at the time of noon. Going in the afternoon can cause heatstroke and it is also not good for your skin going out in summer sunlight.

  • Shield your head with clothing: If it is essential to go out, shield your head and neck with a light-colored cotton cloth. It will protect your head from direct sunlight. Direct strong light hits hard and is more deadly than a normal heart. I am when working under sunlight I experienced a headache every time. Since then when I felt that I'm not used to it. It avoided working in sunlight.

  • Drink plenty of water when you leave the house. It is said by the doctors that use plenty of water in summer. They say that even in summer drink more than eight glasses of water a day. If you are going outside and the trip is long, keep a bottle of water with you and drink this water from time to time. During your travel, keep drinking cold water for a while. If you do not have high blood pressure, add a little salt to that bottle of water. And if you don't have diabetes, add a little sugar to that water to keep your sugar level maintained.

  • Use fluids to keep yourself hydrated: In addition to water, continue to use other kinds of fluids to prevent dehydration. Fluids just like milk or yogurt lassi (a bitter taste drink), syrup, fresh fruit juices, jaggery-made water fluid, or sugar syrup, such, as milk soda are the best kind of supplements in summer.

  • Wear light and thin clothes: Wear somewhat skinny clothes, are made up of cotton stuff, open and airy. It is better if the clothes are white (white color reflects the sunlight, it prevents bad effects of light by reflecting it completely). Else, you can wear any light color. I was watching a vid, it was an experiment to show how different colors absorb and reflect heat. The person in the video first placed a black balloon magnifying glass that was putting sunlight on both. The balloon exploded just in 2 seconds, then he placed a blue balloon it exploded in 4 seconds then he placed light a grey balloon it exploded after 6 seconds under the light. Then he placed a white balloon under the magnifying glass so the balloon didn't explode. Then at the last moment, he placed a black balloon inside a white balloon. The black balloon inside exploded but the light did affect the white one. The experiment showed that it is good to have white-colored or light-colored clothes.

  • Try not to wear new and non-cotton clothes these days: I always feel comfortable in old clothes that are better because they are relatively soft and light as compared to the new ones. New clothes usually don't have opened pores in them and this causes the blockage of fresh air from going to your body. I always prefer white clothes in the summer season.

  • Do not take a bath instantaneously. When you come back to your home from work or outside, do not take a bath instantaneously. First, let the sweat get dry. And take a bath after your body temperature has reverted to normal. Because a result taking bath in q high-temperature body can cause serious damage to the muscles or brain. It should cause a kind of paralysis. Strong heat stroke. It is better to take bath after normalization of body temperature. And while taking bath,

  • Don’t go into our AC room when you come back home: from the strong heat of the outer atmosphere. And similarly don’t go outside of your AC room directly into heated weather. Do not go into extreme heat as soon as you leave the room with AC. A mix-up of different higher and lower temperatures will have a bad effect on health.

  • Circumvent eating late-cut fruits. Always eat the fruits that are cut on time. Avoid eating the foods that were cut a few hours ago. They could include harmful bacteria in them. They could cause food poison. Then later people relate this food poison to different myths like drinking plenty of water over watermelon or melon. Another myth is about drinking milk after eating the melon. These all are just myths. The main reason behind food prison is the bacteria that causes this disease. And your immune system tries to kill or kick out that bacteria and this results in vomiting and loose motion. So, must wash the fruits before eating and avoid eating late-cut food.

  • If the curry is cooked a few hours ago, heat it before eating, what do we oftentimes do? We heat the food just to liquefy it. A good method is to heat it to the depth of the food.

  • Heating should be till it boils. Otherwise, you may face a bacterial problem in your tummy.

  • Use different favorable things with food. With food, be sure to use vinegar, pickles, onions, and mint. These additional things will help your stomach improve your digestive system. Moreover, they will increase your appetite, which may get decrease just because of the warm weather.

  • Eat watermelon to decrease the hype of heat. Every second or third day, eat a little watermelon. Because, against heatstroke, it is the best shield given by nature. This is a god-gifted fruit that contains a lot of amount of water. It keeps you hydrated. Helps in your digestive system. It is a cure for constipation. And it makes your stomach cool to accept more food.

  • Drink sufficient water: All through the day to feel the need to urinate three or four times drink plenty of water. Most of your body water gets evaporated by the high temperature and the sweating system. Drink at least 12 glasses of water every day. And keep yourself hydrated all the time. But keep in mind to avoid hyperhydration because. "Excess of everything is bad".

Closing Thoughts

Keep asking Allah for mercy, and keep praying for the health and well-being of yourself, all the people of your homeland, and the entire community. May God bless you all.

Thank you for reading. ❤️


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