What makes you, you?

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1 year ago

"Tell me about yourself."

This is my most dreaded question/task whatever the circumstance it's asked, be it a job interview or even when you're asked of your name. Of course, introducing yourself is one step to learning of the other person and breaking the barrier called "strangers". But more than just your name, how would you thoroughly talk about yourself when you do not deeply know your own?

I was very timid, shy- a girl of few words, growing up. I try to be extra vigilant and aware of my surroundings so, one, I don't embarrass myself, and two, I won't need to be scolded or be approached by anyone. It was a very stressful phase growing up, but that phase has trained me how to do things on my own, how to learn on my own. Maybe it's a special trait of mine being that I am a middle child and we, middle children, basically do what we want. But whatever that is, I basically taught myself how to listen to the teacher so I don't have to take notes, taught myself more art, and most importantly, I taught myself how to learn Japanese from scratch.

The most striking memory about "talking about myself" was when I was about to graduate from my language school and we have a job-hunting lesson to teach us the process of finding a job in Japan. Self-introduction may sound so easy but in a job hunt, you have to showcase the best version of yourself, so the company you are eyeing will hire you.


"How would you describe yourself?"

This was the first question my teacher asked me. It took me a while to answer, so we ended the session and decided to discuss it again another time. I went home anxiously, and disappointingly aware that despite being so inward, personality-wise, I know nothing about myself.

Thinking about it on a larger scale, I know a lot of people in their 20s and 30s who have the same dilemma. It would be different how each person would experience it but somehow it would start as a simple confusion, then a crippling doubt, to being scared, to being desperate for release. While some of them somehow got to reach the end of that dark tunnel, others lead to a more serious condition of "quarter-life crisis". As for me, I think I'm still zigzaggin' in the tunnel. Sometimes I try to get myself out of the tunnel and sometimes, I just embrace being in the tunnel.

But the golden question is how do you get to know yourself?


Different strokes for different folks. That's why there no one, guaranteed, way to know oneself. As for me, since that encounter with my teacher some years ago, I made an effort to notice even the slightest change in myself.

Things like, "I worked a little harder today",

"I didn't splurge today",

"I saved a few money this month",

"As I thought, I can't stand that person",

"I'm feeling uncreative today"

"I saw (insert anime boi) and it lightened my mood". So on so forth.

That same teacher advised me to embrace even the weak point and turn it to my advantage. For example, I am very impatient. Not because I want to have the shortest patience but because I'd like to get things done in the shortest time possible. That's why in group works, I mostly do the work. You may have opinions about one person doing a group's work but it's swift and efficient and I like that. All of these things I mentioned about being impatient were pointed out to me by my teacher. My weak point was being impatient but what makes that to my advantage is I'm impatient to get things done.

You're insecure because you're short? At least, you're cute in stature.

You're color blinded? At least you see another version of the universe.

People look down on you because you're an anime otaku or a K-pop fan or just somebody's stan? At least, you are more cultured than those people.

Natasha Bedingfield said in her song "Unwritten"

Release your inhibitions ...

Feel the rain on your skin

No one else can feel it for you

Only you can let it in

Embrace your "rain", your weak point, feel it in your skin, accept your difference and let the world know that imperfectly perfect version of you.

So, what makes you, you?

I thought about a lot of topics when I read this prompt but being the philosophical me, I had to indulge in the self-search and self-acceptance topics that speak best to me. Although it took a while to form this article, I had great fun writing it. I hope you enjoyed reading it, too.

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  5. Have fun!


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All I know is I am cute in my own way haha🤣💯💯💯

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Yaaas!! Embrace being cute!!

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this is a good take on the prompt tho XD and i don't even know myself 😂😂😂 i need help on this department

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