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2 years ago

He is back at work at outdoor sporting venues. He came across this fine crop of fungus on a Scottish golf course

We had another generally fine day today, although it inconsiderately started to rain just at the right time to spoil the chances of morning coffee in the garden with Margaret. It was quite breezy too so I was happy to have my coffee indoors even when the rain stopped.

I looked at the birds. They were frequently coming and going at the feeder.

And sometimes going and coming.

Goldfinches showed that siskins aren't the only ones who can start a fight to the disgust of a greenfinch...

.and another greenfinch vented its frustration at this continual bad behaviour.

 then took a walk round the garden to check how the garden flowers were doing.

Pretty well on the whole. And there were butterflies too.

Having done that, I went for a short three bridges walk before lunch.

These are the three bridges which I crossed today.

Autumn is definitely getting into its stride, and although we don't have the vivid reds of New England, we are starting to get some really lovely mellow tints such as these along the Lodge Walks...

and others across the Castleholm.

I passed the Lodge and took the low road towards the pheasant hatchery...

..where I exchanged a nod and a wink with a bullock

I liked the picture made by this tree as I turned to walk along the top of the hatchery...

admiring the trees....

After a last look across the field...

.I put my camera away as I found that I had already taken over 100 pictures.

Only to take it out a few minutes later when I passed a fine clump of fungus which I have added to one I saw earlier in the walk,

This time I really did put my camera away (almost).

I crossed the Duchess Bridge and got home in time to make some lentil and chicken soup for lunch.

The afternoon was spent driving to Dumfries where Mrs Tootlepedal had a hospital appointment. One of the benefits of driving an electric became evident when we were able to find a empty parking space reserved for electric vehicles in an otherwise packed car park at the hospital. An added bonus was that we could plug the car in and get some free electricity while we were waiting for the time for the appointment to arrive.

The drive home was very restful, and we arrived back in time for me to have a quick look round the garden and add a fine red poppy to some weigela flowers which I had photographed after my walk in the morning to make a final flower panel for the day.

All the remained was to eat the meal and sample some of the new cheese. This was no hardship.

The flying bird of the day is a goldfinch.

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Written by   58
2 years ago
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