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I would like to write about my love life that I have ever experienced since 2014 until today , iam still going through the pains that I for from the mother of my child of whom I love dearly , we met in church early of December 2012 and I left her for work nearby country and when I came back and she was a student at the time ,I went hunting for a job and there was no job at all and the girl was ready to abandon her studies and marry me ,I failed to make her happy though I was trying to do that and our marriage failed and I still feel the pangs of that love until today and I still love her but because of money I failed the love of my life , I now give thanks to for giving me a chance to make money on their platform since I failed many things because of money and could not get the job to sustain my family ,now iam living with hope that one day crypto will surely change the world economy,my love was dragged in the mud and it is the love that I have ever expressed as the best ever in my entire life

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