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3 years ago
  • I know in my own life that there have been many times I've just wanted and needed a word of encouragement. There have been many times I just needed some inspiration, I needed help in life. So you know what I did? I created this powerful Life Network For Women digital network- for you!

    We give love the way we want love, we become the friend that we want to have, I decided to create this Life Network For Women so that you, your friends, your family can have access to the encouragement, life lessons, teaching, and motivation that I wished I had had earlier in my life.

    I wanted to gather a tribe of some of the best spiritual-life teachers, bloggers, writers, podcasters, social media personalities, TV hosts, and much more, to come forth and to help you with whatever you need in life. We are building an army of encouraging, Christian, life-empowering women... and some men too...

    I am so excited, because that dream that I've carried for probably 15 plus years now... has become a reality! The Life Network For Women is finally here.

    And there are so many people joining us- whether it's a spiritual word of encouragement that is going to start your day out right, a powerful teaching of the Word of God that will help you understand, a motivational video or podcast to lift you up- or even somebody that can show you how to start up a business or get your finances on the right track. Or just somebody that's helping you put your makeup on right... I wanted all that- and it is all here in the Life Network For Women!

    I am so excited, because we have our tribe connecting with us to provide you this material faster than we can even get it loaded :) So expect a whole bunch of new content every day!

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