29-06-2022 (Dear Diary) A birthday without balloons

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What is the level of innocence you have seen in a man or woman? Do you call it stupidity or do you usually go with an innocent personality, today I will tell you about the innocence of my mother.

My father has a very dear friend who happens to live beside our farmhouse, he is a neighbour, and he has a son who turned 12 today, they invited us for a small celebration. Due to non-earning members in the family, they are not very rich but they never miss the bday of the little one. We arrived a bit late they were waiting for us to cut the cake and my mother entered the room

Mom- Where are balloons

I tried to pinch her to say (I whispered) not a good time to point that out mom

Mom- she said out loud what are you doing and why, let me see if my skin turned red due to your pinching.

Me- Nothing.........

Mom- but why did you not buy the balloons, I like them.

Someone from the family of the bday boy- We try keeping a low budget, decoration is expensive, everything is expensive that is we did not buy it.

Mom- but who celebrates bday without balloons, they are not only my favourite thing at a bday party but they are also the symbol of celebration, ok never mind but next time bring the balloons.

Someone from the family of the bday boy- yeah we will see next year about that, anyway, he is growing so fast I don't think from next year he will be celebrating with us.

Mom- I can understand that they give very little time to the family when they grow old. Look at him (pointing at me), he has very few friends and he is also an introvert I don't exactly know the meaning of introvert but he is very shy and talks to very few people and he talks less too but he will not be there to celebrate the birthday for more than 1 hour he doesn't even stay home to eat the poories I make for him like old days. they are grown up now and they spend more time with those friends than family. (giving disgust look to me)

(I sighed a bit and started to look away from everybody not because my mother was sad and she want to celebrate my birthday with some oily poories and a variety of sabjies but because she was exposing my behaviour in front of about 15 people, after the conversation it felt like there was the audience of 1000 people)

Mom- singing happy birthday to you happy birthday dear aadi happen birthday to you (she whispered to me, I was standing beside her) without balloons it is not the celebration they should have bought some balloons.

I will buy so many balloons for your birthday and we will tell them how it is celebrated you just promise me that you will be there to celebrate.

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