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Break Away From Deceivers

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1 month ago

Being wicked is not the best, but will some days tarnish your personality. There are many people out there who are ready to receive you at all cost. They are not thee type one should listen to or make friends with. They don't want your progress and do not want you to mingle with people that can make you succeed in life.

A man who was so nice and great in the community has two friends who he seriously cherished. He never, for once, allow people to say bad of them in their stay together. He is just an average man but has the mind of helping anyone who comes his way. Furthermore, he never joked with his Community members.

One day, he went to his friend's house just as usual to play and to do things together. The other of his friends came over as well, as they have been happy to be together. The one they went to meet, decided to prepare a dish for all of them to eat, which they have been doing to each other. They never wanted to stay apart, as they are no longer children who will go out looking for jobs. They are well known in the community and believed to have no grudge among themselves.

The three have been together, and many people truly envy them to the brim. Now, the first one was making progress despite being an average being. He has helped so many people and has helped even his friends to grow. They have grown together as one good friend. People no longer call them friends, but brothers.

There is a wicked man in us called the devil, which is always in the heart of men. People are being wicked and people around later told his two friends that why on Earth should one person among them be growing and expanding in business whereas, the rest of you are not doing anything. They initially ignored those words being said, as they called the one who told them this word the devil's advocate. According to them, they are inseparable as they have been together for years without problems. So, they detested that fellow who came to spoil their minds.

Meanwhile, the other two are also doing fine in their respective businesses. So, searching for someone's downfall wouldn't be their priority. So, they decided to let it go without telling their friend about it. Meanwhile, when one out of them got home, he had a deep thought about what they were told. He reasoned those words out and become groomed in the devil's path. The fact remains that when someone is having a devilish thought, no other thoughts will enter. And without carrying out his or her plans, he or she will not be peaceful.

The one who has been deceived by the voice of the devil decided to move away from the other friends just because one is making it while they are not making it. He decided to stay on his own without having anything to do with them. It has been weeks, and they have not been seeing him, and they decided to visit him. To their surprise, they did not meet him at home but met his wife. They tried to explain to the wife that they have not been seeing her husband. The woman was surprised to hear that because the husband never mentioned that they have not been together for a long time now. So, she decided to wait until her husband was back. To some women, they would love to deceive their husbands not to mingle with their friends any longer, since there is no benefit among them.

Immediately, she related the issue to her husband why he is moving away from his friends. She asked his husband to explain why he made such a decision to move away from his friends. He said it without telling any lies or missing words. He told his wife about his friend making it without him and the other one making it. The wife told him not to sway away from them, but to always stay with them at all times. She asked him to go ahead to meet up with them and to make them see reasons why you were away from them. He did just that, and indeed the three friends lived happily together and without quarrel among them. They made it just because of the union among them all. They were good friends and will never run away from each other. Furthermore, they helped each other out in all ways and then, they became rich.

This means they put the devil to shame. When the devil wants to enter you, it will come in form of humans and then, torment you to break away from the ones who can make you the best in life. The devil is always there to break homes, to break families, to break relationships, to make things hard for humanity, but when you reject him, I bet you, you shall be great and see reasons to always run away from him.

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Written by   46
1 month ago
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We must never give in.....the only way out is to reject him and he will run. But when we allow the devil rule, it is chaos. Thank you for the sunday word, very insightful.

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1 month ago