How to temporarily disable Avast

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Avast Antivirus is a fantastic suite that protects users' servers from viruses since it was launched in 1995. It offers an excellent level of security and even offers a free variant for those who need basic antivirus protection. That said, users may need to disable Avast from time to time as it considers your favorite website or software configuration to be unsafe and insecure.

For this reason, we decided to create this very simple guide on the best way to disable Avast. The manual will be divided into two segments; the way to disable Avast completely, and also the best way to disable individual protections in Avast.

So let's not go any further. Let's move on to the instructions.

A way to hide Avast (completely)

Before we go any further, a quick warning.

This section describes how to completely disable the antivirus package. This may put your computer / laptop at risk of damaging documents. Just do it if you think it's absolutely crucial.

Anyway, now that's out of the way, here's how to disable Avast completely.

Measure 1: Get into Avast Shield control

The first thing you need to do would be to find the Avast tab in the system tray (lower right corner of the background). Once detected, click on the icon and select the "Avast protector control" tab. Selecting this tab will open a drop-down menu.

Measure 2: Choose the amount of time you want Avast to be hidden

There are several different options available in the drop-down menu, including; Shut down for 10 minutes, Shut down for 1 hour Shut down until the computer restarts, and shut it down permanently.

Just choose one of the options below that best suits your requirements.

Measure # 3: verify your actions

Avast will then ask you to confirm your actions. You now have a 60-second window to confirm that you want to disable Avast. If you do not select an alternative, Avast will automatically refuse this action. Just click OK to complete the venture.

Measure # 4: Assessing Avast is Disabled

If you want to make sure Avast is turned off, just launch the Avast interface. If all went to plan, you must be greeted with a message that all shields are disabled. See photo above

If you find this message, you understand that Avast is completely disabled.

A way to hide personal covers

Not every problem requires you to turn off all antivirus software completely. In some scenarios, you can choose not to disable individual security features. When analyzing some defense mechanisms, you need to be able to do your job while maintaining the security element.

Here's how:

Measure # 1: finding active protection

Start by launching the Avast UI. While in the room, select the "Security" tab on the left side. In the options, locate the "Center protects" tab, and then select it. In this tab, you will discover all your defenses, as well as those that are seized.

Measure # 2: Establish selected shields

Each dial will have an on / off switch. If you have them all running, each switch will be turned on. To disable a specific protection, simply click the switch to disable. When doing so, Avast will ask you how long you want to disable protection for. Select the appropriate option and click OK.

Measure 3: Reactivate the shields

As soon as you're done with your work, you'll want to reactivate your security features to make sure you have the highest level of antivirus protection. Just press the off switch to change it.

Final words

That's all. Disabling Avast's own antivirus is actually a fairly straightforward procedure. However, we suggest that you do it in the worst case. By following this guide, you will be putting your computer at risk. Nevertheless, in some situations it is the only thing that prevails.

This guide will work for many versions of Avast, including the free version.

Please tell us if this guide was personally helpful by leaving a comment in the area below. If you have more details on the best way to disable Avast, we'd love to hear!

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