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Fix error 0xc1900223 when installing Windows 10 updates

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The 0xc1900223 error can appear when trying to upgrade your Windows 10 configuration, especially when installing a distinctive upgrade like v1903 or even v1909. Microsoft does not provide any guidance on this error.

According to Microsoft, the 0xc1900223 error suggests that there is a problem downloading and installing the selected update. Windows Update will try again later and you don't need to do anything else. Src: Get help with Windows 10 updates and configuration errors

On the other hand, the error still occurs even when trying to install updates at any time.

The utility of SetupDiag (download) will record this error:

Error: SetupDiag reports a sudden downward collapse.

Last operation: finalization

Error: 0xC1900223 - 0x20009

LogEntry: Proof MOUPG CSetupManager :: ExecutePreDownloadMode (8491): Result = 0xC1900223

Common Windows Update troubleshooting methods may not resolve this error. This article will show you how you can stop the 0xc1900223 error in Windows 10.

windows 10 download error 0xc1900223

The 0xc1900223 error can occur if the computer cannot connect to Microsoft Update servers or its own content delivery system. This sometimes happens if you've manually blocked multiple Microsoft server addresses or by using a tech app that writes to a Windows HOSTS file. This error can also occur if you use a specialized DNS server to block third party web addresses.

1. Disable the VPN program

VPN applications can sometimes interfere with the Windows Update process. If you are using a VPN connection to join the corporate network, disconnect from the system and disable VPN applications (if necessary) and try updating again.

2. Restart the HOSTS file (temporarily)

If disabling the VPN software doesn't work, or if you are not using a VPN, try renaming the HOSTS file.

Open the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ Etc folder

Rename the document named HOSTS to HOSTS.OLD. You will be asked for permission (administrator privileges) to rename the document. Click Continue when prompted.

Open a command prompt window and type the following command to clear Windows DNS cache:

Ipconfig / flushdns

try to configure Windows updates again.

When done, rename HOSTS.OLD back to HOSTS. Also, check your HOSTS file and make sure you are not blocking Microsoft Update server addresses.

3. Change the DNS resolver

Ad-blocking DNS servers such as Pi-Hole can cause the error 0xc1900223 or similar. You'll want to temporarily disable Pi-Hole to install Windows updates.

If you've used Pi-Hole at the router level, you'll need to either revert to your ISP's default DNS resolvers or use one of these free DNS servers (temporarily):

Google Public DNS: and


And flush Windows DNS cache by simply running the ipconfig / flushdns check from a command prompt window.

Work arounds or WU 0xc1900223 error

Note: This process will not help if the driver or software installed on your system is incompatible with all the updates you likely configure. When an update does not match your system settings, the following message is displayed on the Windows Update Settings Web page:

Known upgrade issues are noted on the Windows 10 Variant 1909 and Windows Server Version 1909 - Windows Release Information page.

Known compatibility issues or issues should be resolved first before trying to install the update using the Windows 10 Update Assistant or the media creation tool.

While you may not be able to configure feature updates (v1903, v1909 (etc) via Windows Update Station, there are two other ways to install them on your system.

Visit the Microsoft Windows 10 download site.

Download the hottest Windows Update Assistant (Favorite) instrument and run it. Follow the directions and update Windows 10.


Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from the Microsoft Windows 10 download site mentioned earlier.

Launch the Media Creation Tool and select Update this computer now.

Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the procedure. Note that Media Creation Tool retains its default files, programs and settings if you selected "Update this computer now" (on the previous screen).

Which should update your Windows 10 version without encountering error 0xc1900223.

Editor's Note: On the other hand, if you find the error 0xc1900223 while installing a cumulative update (instead of a feature update), you can download the cumulative update package locally through the Windows Update directory.

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