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1 year ago

Hello, dear's community!

I'm glad to be here.

I am also happy to propose the following public offer to you:

I've purchased a crypto domain name in the Unstopabble Domains website. (They're $20-40USD worth each so you can get yours too!)

It's a pretty good investment in my opinion. Why? Well...

Currently, there're more than 50+ cryptocurrencies (between coins and tokens) that I can receive using my elperfilbajo.crypto domain name, from several wallets like Atomic, Trust, Coinbase, MyCrypto, ZilPay and others. It also serves as a censor-ship resistant website and some other features to try out.

It is easier to use a blockchain domain address than having to write down or copypaste the address of the receiver (0x94c732AAe0b8...., i.e), because you only need to write, f.e, yourowndomainname.crypto and that's it!

So, in order to promote the massification of blockchain domains, as a way of helping on the cryptocurrencies payments improvement, improving my writing and social media content creating skills - while also earning some hard-worked money in the meatime - I'll be creating a post (can be made using only text with images, or can be a video in which I explain a particular cryptocurrency) if one person sends me, at least, $1 USD worth of that currency to the elperfilbajo.crypto address.

If you send me crypto, please write down the coin or token name in the comments so I'll know that you were the sender.

I'll be updating this post and list-checking the currently supported crypto for blockchain domains, and tagging the sponsor's user name (or I'll be keep it secret if the sponsor likes that way of privacy! ) so everyone can notice.

Sponsored Crypto explanatory posts:

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Thanks for reading this!

If you think that this proposal can get better, please leave your suggestion in the comment bar.

Now, go on, have a good life.

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Written by   14
1 year ago
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