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10 months ago

The situation at the 301's living room, in the middle of ‘El Tuqueque’ apartment building, as it struck 03:38 am on a day like today, degenerated from the normal to the unthinkable.

While with the icy sweat running down his back, Joaquín observed - trembling - the heavy and stainless barrel of the revolver that pointed directly at his forehead, he had the opportunity to remember a phrase that his maternal grandmother used to express in a tone of tender teaching:

"When they do me wrong, I like to do them good, how to teach them."

With this moral maxim in mind, after some three continuous hours of threats, blows to the face with the handle of the weapon and violent intimidation, the captive in his own home finally decided to declare the secret voice command - necessary to authorize a transaction of value from the cell phone - making sure to determine the amount to transfer the sum of ten (10) Komodo (each valued at 150 million Colombian pesos), instead of the five (5) that with promises of torture and / or death demanded his kidnappers.

The transfer - as was usual in those days - was almost instantaneous. After the signing of the Global Pact for the Reduction of the Use of Paper Money (GPRUPM), ratified by most of the states of the planet, the mass use of cryptocurrencies or digital currencies had established its roots like a Caribbean guáimaro. In the past, the transfer of money to the kidnapper's account would have taken about five hours, which on this occasion only took about six seconds, the money being deposited directly to the HTC cell phone that a robust man was holding - also armed - hiding his identity with a chick yellow balaclava.

The criminal foreman wearing a pastel pink bandana and green Croydon ankle boots - far from Joaquín's expectation - upon hearing the details of the digital order, felt a pleasant tingling in his abdominal area and a lewd grin was drawn on face, he specified and divulged his thoughts to those present with the expression:

«Ah, bad boy! So you got more... »

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Written by   14
10 months ago
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