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Title: Healing 


Genre: Romantic Comedy 

Lead: Belle and drey 

Supporting: anika ( written as w1, worker 1),  

marj(written as w2, worker 2), yuna, flora (written as editor-in-chief), chairman, ex bf, dr. Miguel (written as therapist), person 1 

Location: anywhere in Manila, more on office setting, condo 


Location: office 

The lead lady will walk out of the office looking at papers and phone is in between ears and shoulders, everyone in the office are busy, answering calls, walking, going to the lead lady to ask questions (with upbeat light music) 

-change scene to belle already in the office with her laptop 

Worker 1 knocks on the door 

Belle is putting lipstick and facing the mirror 

Worker 1: mam, are we good to go? The event will start after an hour 

Belle: yes, get everyone ready, call me when the van is already outside 

-worker left the office 

- Belle receives call 

Worker 1: mam, everything’s ready , kayo nalang po hinihintay 

Belle: okay coming 

-proceeds to take sunglasses and coat and bag 

-everyone greeted the lead lady out and the lead lady nods and smiles 

(at the event, hotel,) 

The event is anniversary ng magazine, with the clients and it’s a good event to attract new clients and strengthen the relationship with the clients 

The lead lady stands near the stage, answering phone calls and a lot of VIP guests were taking pictures while the event hasn’t started yet, then a woman approached the lead lady , but the lead lady can’t hear clearly because there were loud music in the background, she could just understand the mouthed word ‘picture’  

Belle: oh picture, okay 

The lead lady took the phone, her gaze swept toward the busy hall finding someone who could take them a picture but everyone was so busy,while the VIP were at the stage all formal and serious for a picture, the lady on the off stage raised the camera and used the front cam and made a groufie and smiled and all the VIP were caught off guard and confused because of the gesture. Only the lead lady will smile a lot and feel the pictures.The assistant of the lead lady went near and said 

Worker 1: mam bakit po kayo nag groufie 

The lead lady then froze and had a fake smile, slowly putting the phone down then a man came and took the phone 

Man: im the  photographer sorry I came late, may I?  

Gesturing the lead lady to join them, the lead’s face is very embarrassed 

After a photo, 

Belle voice over: and that’s how we met 

 proper intro of  the vid------ 

Resume for the scene- 

While listening to the speaker talking in front, they were seated in their table  

Worker 1: ma, lutang ka ba kanina? Bakit groufie? 

Belle: busy kasi ako kakasagot ng calls tapos may dumating tapos di ko naintindihan sinasabi nya eh tapos picture lang na basa ko sa bibig nya dahil maingay kanina tapos di ko na alam bakit groufie ginawa ko, sabaw na sabaw na yata ako  

Tapos nag face palm 


Worker 2: pahinga naman kasi ma, di puro work 

Belle: pero infairness girl, crush ko na yun, akin na ha walang mag aagaw lalo na tong isang to 

Worker 1: don’t worry girl may bet ako dun sa kabilang table 

-then everyone stood up , clapping their hands as the speaker ended the speech 

They were busy talking to all the clients then worker 1 came to lead lady 

Worker 1: ma may picture daw tayo sa lahat ng clients natin 

Then they went to the stage and lead lady is confused because she saw the man a while ago that said he’s the photographer then w1 talked to her   

W1: potential client natin mam 

Belle went beside him and they  stood side by side for the picture and as they pose their smile, the lead lady talked 




Belle: hi , thank you for helping me kanina  

the man side eyed him, smiled  

Man: buti na lang ‘di to groufie 

The lead lady is smiled in an embarrassed way and that was caught in the camera 

-snaps a photo, showing everyone while emphasizing the face of an embarrassed face of belle while the others are smiling and having fun for the success, and drey stood there crossing his arms with a serious face. 

 then transition 

Next day in the office 

She happily entered her office because she is just a fill in for the editor in chief position because the real eic is on leave because her baby is unwell, so she is just there temporarily as a junior 

Worker 1 knocks in her office 

Worker 1: mam, you have appointment with one of our clients today, I'll gonna send to you the details and the location via email (winks) 

Belle: okay thank you 

-receives email 

The lead lady stood up, get things and went outside and waved a taxi 

She entered the office then looked at the guy in the middle of the table. She was startled a little  then she composed herself and went inside 

Belle: hello sir, good mornig, I'm Belle from BAY  magazine 

Drey(the one from the event that said he is the photographer and is a potential client): happy ba kayo lahat dun 

Elle: po? 

Drey: I’m Drey, advertising manager of the RY shoe company  

Drey offered his hand then they shook hands 

Belle: thank you po sir for choosing us, it’s a privilege po to be the magazine na mag a-advertise 

Drey: yeah, actually Im still looking for the right magazine  

While Looking at the magazine and flipping its pages 

Belle: ako po sir baka right one nyo 

 Drey looked at her 

belle: ay I mean right one po ang aming magazine kasi tamang tama yung shoes na e a-advertise, kasi fashion  and lifestyle magazine kasi kami 

Drey: yes, marami kasi kayong line up namin but I think I'll give your company a chance 

belle: ako po? Ay I mean, nako po! thank you sir 

Drei: I will send the samples today , and write a short article about it or a review , then I'll read it tomorrow, with the picture, then I'll decide if I will set the deal 

Elle: sge po sir thank you po 

Walks outside of the building 

-at the office, she called the content writer to write for the content in advertising the shoes 

Belle: ito yung mga shoes, make sure to write a good article and pwede na din if may review  

Worker 3: yes mam 

Belle: send it to me tonight before 12 midnight para ma review ko sya okay? 

That night, while waiting for the email, she watched tv, ate snacks, then listened to music, then she looked at the time, it’s 10pm, she took a shower, brushed her teeth, 11pm she received an email. She opened the email and read the content, she started reading it then started looking at the pictures, one of the pictures, there was a picture of drey wearing all black suit seated on a luxurious couch , full body shot , with a side view angle , wearing the shoes.  

belle: gwapo mo naman (she teased) 

Tapos she reviewed the file and then printed the papers , when done, she jokingly edited the document and typed, ‘still handsome even without these shoes , but this perfects the look which made this guy so perfectly handsome’ she laughed a little then started chatting with her friends , then she just exit the file and sleepily clicked the save button, everything's a blur. 

-the next morning, she woke up a bit late, rushed her way to the company, the meeting would start at 9:30am and she arrived around 8:30. Everyone prepared the studio, the papers and the shoes that were sent and everyone was busy.  

Worker 1: mam, where are the papers to be presented?  


There are 5 copies handed out, it was then put on the table.  

As they were giving out coffees, the intern spilled coffee on the papers and only 1 copy was saved. 

Worker 1: mam, nabasa po ng kape yung papers, yung intern kasi nagmamadali 

Belle: okay don’t wory I have the soft copy here, give me that (worker 1 gave the copy that was saved form the coffee. 

10 mins left and belle panics to find the file and immediately printed it out 

Page Break 



-during the meeting, everyone was serious as they were reading the papers, then they slowly eyed the content writer, then the content writer stared back mouthing she doesn’t know anything, then they slowly sync their way staring at belle. Belle  looked at them with a smile and a wink and affirming look, then suddenly changes to a concerned look  blind in what’s happening because her paper doesn’t contain the edited version. , then they looked at drey which smiled and bit his lip and scratch  his temples with a pen with his elbows rested on the table. 


drey: okay, I like this, let’s start the shoot right away, I just found the right magazine to advertise the shoes. 

Everybody clapped 

belle: thank you sir, (smile) 

Worker 1 elbowed belle 


-during the shoot 

W2: mam, ano ba ginawa mo doon sa article?  

belle: what do you mean? 

W1: eh syempre nakalagay dun, ‘still handsome even without these shoes , but this perfects the look which made this guy so perfectly handsome’ 

Belle widen her eyes and her jaw dropped 

belle: what? That's what was printed out? I thought I didn’t save it last night, pano na yan baka isipin niya dinadaan ko to sa ganyan, masyadong unprofessional (she shook her head in disbelief) 

Belle saw drey, she approached him 

belle: hi, just wanna say na hindi talaga ako unprofessional, sadyang nagkakamali lang talaga mga tao tapos minsan may mga nagagawang katangahan or minsan lutang lang talaga pero promise di ako unprofessional sorry talaga 

drey: who told you you’re unprofessional? 

belle: ha? Ikaw 

drey stared at her and chuckled 

drey: I didnt say- this happens fast 

Belle:ay hindi what I mean is baka, or parang ganoon napapakita ko lately and it is not a good impression and I think- 

Drey receives a phonecall 



drey: wait gonna answer this call, don’t worry its fine  

Drey gave her an affirming look, and answered the phone and belle is  left in disbelief  

belle: Wait lang, I need to step up  my game, , nakaka frustrate, (waving her hands in the air) maybe I should change my look?to start a change?  

Belle took her phone and searched how to look professional 

She swiped on the images  

(while belle is busy with her phone, drey would steal stares at her while talking to the phone and smile would form in his lips) 

-then a montage of her shopping clothes, wearing glasses, having fun with fun BGM and light aura- could not be added if this will make the story longer, or this could add as a filler :) 

-next day she went to the office in a very professional and serious aura with chin slightly up and handbag on her arm  

She went to the studio, wearing sunglasses and there are models who wore the shoes, she waited for drey to come. While waiting, the outfit is making her sweat and a little uncomfortable 

She received a phone call 

Editor in chief: don’t forget to finish everything this week , kasi we’ll publish the magazine already at the end of this month and it’ll take  a lot of time for printing so this week would be very safe 

belle: yes mam, we’re going to finish the last photoshoot today and tomorrow we’ll start editing all the articles and finish everything. 

Eic: okay that’s good, im proud of you thank you so much 


After the phone call, she went back to the office to finish the articles 

W1 knocked on the door 

W1: mam, walang makakapunta mamaya para ibalik yung shoes nila eh tapos kahapon yung sched nila na kuhanin yung shoes pero ngayon lang natapos ang shoot kaya tayo ang magbabalik nun, yung van  darating around 3pm pero busy pa lahat eh, available ka ba? 

belle: yes, walang problema, ill be done by 3  

W1: thank you 

-3pm, belle left, the camera focused on earpods on table  


-arrived at the company with the shoes, everything were fine and put back in place 

belle: buti naman worth it tong professional look ko today, may nagawa na talaga akong maayos para kay sir drey (giggling) 

The van drove away and she walked outside the company  

While she was walking, she saw a woman being dragged by a guy at the street she tried to walk near to  help but the guy shouted at the girl and immediately she heard loud honking noises, she realized she doesn’t have her earpods,(which could help her distract herself from the noise in public places) she panicked, then dizzy clips and honking  noise and she started to get frustrated, she started reaching out her meds, then she breathed heavily, then drey came, shook her, 

drey: hey, are you fine? (looked concerned) 

belle: ang..ingay..(with a soft and helpless voice, she covered her ears and tears fell from her eyes) 

Drey brought her inside a café and she calmed herself with a tea 

belle: im sorry, I was weird right?(smiled) It must’ve annoyed you or .. I don’t know, sorry(smiled) 

drey: no its okay, stop saying sorry okay? Its fine (he put his suit around her back) 

Belle looked shocked 

belle: I texted yuni to pick me up here, you can go baka busy ka pa eh 

drey: okay lang, wala naman na akong appointments , I will leave after yuni arrived (he talked not staring at her while reading something) 

belle: always mo lang na wi witness embarassing moments ko ah (she faked a laugh) 

drey: di naman, sayo lang embarrassing moments yun, for me its cute, a little funny sometimes but cute (smiled and sips coffee) 

belle: a little funny ka pa dyan, nahiya ka pang tumawa ha 

Drey smirked and sips coffee and looked at the newspaper 

-cellphone rang –yuni 

belle: nandyan na si yuni, I'll go, thank you so much gave his suit 

He stood and took the suit and walked her to the car 

They waved goodbye 


-at the car- 

belle: parang sayong sayong  natong car ko ah (puts seatbelt) 

Yuni: kelan ka ba kasi uli mag da drive? Anyway,nakita ka ba nya habang nag ti-trigger ka na naman? 

belle: I thinkkkkk...., ughhh it was really embarrassing, don’t talk about it ,  

Yuni: bakit ka naman kasi nag mamadali kanina, you need earpods when going to public places para ma di distract  ka sa mga nagbubusina or nag sisigawan eh, yan tuloy, buti nalang nandun yung drey 

Belle just closed her eyes 


At the end of the month, after the magazine was published, a party was held 

Eic: im so proud of you, belle , nakaya mo kahit wala ako, amidst your (whispers) triggers, di yan hadlang to do your dream work, and you proved it! The magazine is a succcess! 

belle: thank you mam, I still have a lot to learn from you po 

Chairman came 

C: hi belle, im so proud of you, maraming good feedbacks from our clients and also maraming kumuha sa issue na to, there was no hint of failure in your work, you improved after 2 years of what happened 

Eic: ano ka ba naman mr chairman, bakit pa e bring up ang past, she’s fine now, right belle? 

belle: yes po, thank you po mr chairman for the compliment, ill make sure to do better pa din po 

Eic: nako hija, enjoy mo sarili mo, you deserve this I know the struggles of deadlines 

belle: yes po mam, thank you po talaga (hugs her) you’re my mom in my work 

-w1 and w2 came 

belle: , papakilala ko sa inyo s yuna 

Yuna: hi, nice to meet you, maraming kinekwento tong si belle about s inyo eh 

W1: hi nice to meet you din, sana maganda mga kwento nya tungkol sa amin ha? 

W2: nako hindi talaga yan maganda for sure, kasi parang mataray na agad magsalita tong s yuna eh 

Yuna slaps w2 arm and they all laugh 

Suddenly a waiter bumped in one of the employee who is already drunk and the champagne glass broke into pieces near belle  stood 

Belle froze in fear and started rubbing her arms alternately, w1 shouted at the guy, belle held w1’s arm 

belle: wag kang sumigaw....(in a whisper and closed eyes) 

 tears suddenly fell on her cheeks and yuna with w1 and w2 brought her away from the crowd, the waiter started to clean up the mess .drey stared at them and tried to walk towards them but it was very crowded. They  let her stay in one of the private rooms they gave her water and started to calm her. They hugged belle. 

W1: sorry I shouted a while ago, I got worked up 

-on monday, drey came to the company, she talked with the artists and  his eyes were always fixed on belle’s office but then he noticed that the reak eic is already there. He always looked for her but she isn’t there 

Drey talked to w1 

drey: where is she? 

W1: ah, suspended kasi .. Yung sa nangyari, nandun pa rin kasi trauma  nya eh, nilalabanan nya triggers niya for 2 years kaya akala ng lahat okay na sya 

W2: oo nga eh, sayang baka ma delay na naman ang promotion nya for eic , dream nya talaga yun, ngayon na parang mag emergency resignation si mam Flora(eic) dahil sa anak nya 

drey: where does she live? 

W1: di ako sure if pwede magbigay ng ganoong info sir eh 

drey: take it as a concerned friend, not client, di naman trabaho point ko doon eh, may ma recommend kasi akong mag therapy sa kanya 

W2: send ko location sayo sir (elbowed w1) 

-when he arrived at the condo parang walang tao, he called w2 

drey: parang wala sya sa condo niya eh 

W2: ah try sa café sir baka nandoon 

-he went to the café and he found her there, belle saw him  

Belle stood up and a bit shocked, her  mouth formed an o and stared at drey 

drey: its fine, im not here for work (when he arrived at the table) 

They all sit down 

Belle: sir drey parang na miss nyo ata ako ah(smiling ang gigly) napansin nyo ata na wala nang tatanga tanga dun sa office hahhahaha 

Drey: tatanga tanga hindi, na miss , oo (he took off his coat) 

Belle was caught off guard (she froze a little) 

Belle: ay grabe naman, ay nakita mo naba yung copy ng magazine sir? happy naman po kayo dun? (big smile) 

Drey: are you happy? 

Belle: yes naman po 

Drey: then im happy (he folded his hand) 

Belle stopped for awhile, stared for a moment 

Belle: ay mabuti naman po hehhehe, (holds the menu) ay sir, order po muna kayo, ano po gusto nyo? 

Drey: ikaw 

Belle: ay ako din, gusto ko yung yung magazine po maganda po pics sa magazine and uhm hahahhaah (she tensely replied) 


Drey: anyway hindi na ako mag o order, im here to talk about something 

Belle: (mag co confess ba to sakin? Wait lang di pa ako ready magpakasal she said with giggles) she said this under her breath, as she talks to herself in a side view and drey could just hear a murmur 

Tumikhim si drey, and belle paid attention to him facing him now and properly shifted to a formal sit 

drey: im not going to ask you what are you going through because that would not be appropriate, I can recommend you a therapist, its very effective to get over, of course, if its okay for you    

Belle is shock for a minute trying to process things and put the tea on the table 

She bit her lip 

belle: thank you sir.. I don’t know what to say or bakit alam mo, or may alam ka ba, you don’t have to do this pero thank you 

drey: we can go there now if okay lang sa ‘yo 

Belle nod her head and they went together 

-at the therapy clinic 

They opened the door 

Therapist: hi drey,  musta ka na hijo?(hugs drey) 

Therapist saw belle 

Therapist: and with your girlfriend? Wow you brought your girl for the first time 

Belle: ay hindi po girlfriend, pasyente po hehehehe 

Drey: doc, this is belle, belle, this is doctor miguel, he can help you go through that 

Therapist: oh so you’re belle, palagi kang kinekwento sa ‘kin 

Belle looked at drey, drey took a sit 

Therapist gestures belle to the sofa to lie down, belle looked at drey, tumango si drey na its fine 

Belle lied down on a sofa with closed eyes 


Belle's ex boyfriend shouted at her and they went inside the car,  

Belle's ex bf: why did you come home late!!? 

Belle: we have just a little get together, workmates lang nandun (calm voice), are you drunk?(sobbing and startled) 

Belle’s bf: so you have someone you like among your workmates now, huh?(not looking at the road) 

 then there is a prolonged honk, blinding light and shattered glasses,  tiny pieces were stuck in her arms 

Tears fell from belle’s eyes 


2 years later 

-on a get together to celebrate belle  as the newest youngest eic in the company, everyone were holding their plates, getting some food, and laughing 

-while getting their food 

W1: oh hindi ka na nag su-suot ng sunglass nyan ah 

Belle : yeah im totally fine now, nakatulong talaga yung therapy, kaya ko na kahit maraming flash pa ng camera dun sa studio (they all laughed) 

Drey  arrived , put the sunglasses on her eyes, with no emotions, then nakasimangot si  belle  w1 laughed, drey now gave her a plate full of food in exchange with her empty plate 

Person 1: group picture daw! 

they put their plates,  then they went there, smiling, laughing and taking a picture, after the picture, belle and drey  were left  

Belle stared at him 

Drey: bakit ganyan mukha mo? (in a sweet tone and voice)(pinched her cheeks, forcing her to smile) 

editor in chief ka na, im so happy for you (cupped her cheeks) 

Belle smiled at him  

Drey stood beside her and they stood side by side while watching the view and their arms were on the railings (the important thing here is, they are staring at a view ) 

belle: thank you for being patient with me, for staying with me, you help me grow and become a better version of myself (staring blankly and happily) 

Drey looked at her 

drey: you deserve it, tinulungan mo sarili mo and  Im happy every bit of it 

Belle looked at drey, drey held her hand and stared at her 

belle: thank you for waiting ‘til I'm fine, 'til I learned to love myself again 

 so I could love you whole heartedly, (she sighed) 

Belle : iba talaga pag napunta ka na sa tamang tao no, ma sho-shock ka nalang bakit hindi ka na iyak ng iyak 

Bago kasi sa akin yung hindi na ako sinisigawan tuwing nagagalit bf ko,(smiled a little) yung hindi na ko sinasaktan pag may mali akong nagawa, alam mo yun, parang nasanay na akong saktan ng paulit-ulit kaya di ko na alam kung deserve ko pa bang maging masaya 

And let her sit down while staring at her, drey talked 

Drey : I'll always be here, to make you smile and make sure you’re fine,ayaw kong nalulungkot ka or nasasaktan ka , I waited for you to be fine, ayaw kong sinagot mo lang ako dahil nahihirapan ka na kaya  kailangan mo ‘ko. Thank you for healing yourself first, for finding yourself again before loving me back 

Belle stood, open her arms for a hug ,drey wiped her tears  

Drey hugged her and  kissed her forehead 

drey: I love you 

-aerial view frame 

Belle :I love you too 

--outro of the video 


drey on the same therapy couch, lying and with closed eyes 

-remembers this scene: 

Drey walked outside of his crashed car that collided with another car, while injured and a lot of blood flowing out of his head, he opened the shotgun seat of the other car and saved belle 

-black screen 

-names of the casts and credits 



Belle has a traumatic experience from the past, and she has emotional triggers that are associated with the blinding lights, that’s why she often uses sunglasses especially in the photo studio. Honking noises or shouting, are her auditory triggers that triggers her emotions whenever she hears those sounds and it could remind her of that accident.  On the part that she started to rub her arms alternately when there are broken pieces of glass, it’s because she felt physical sensation flashbacks in the sight of those, again, because of that accident. Triggers are real, it may be just from a simple noise, word, or feeling. Be nice to everyone, everyone is going through something. 

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