sweet corn

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2 years ago

good for the heart blood and blood vessels decreases the risk for cardiovascular problems enables the heart to beat normally relaxes the arterial wall also ood for preventing macular degeneration and cataract formation helping protect the lungs and oral cavity from cancers possibly combating human immunodificiency virus tips and precautions the best flavor and texture of corn are maintained when it is not overcooked when buying choose fresh cobs kernels alone can turn sugar to starch making it less sweet and dry select corn that has not been exposed to too much heat after being plucked corn silk should be collected just before pollination occurs and used fresh as some of the medicinal property is lost with time corn has repeatedly been shown to contain organochlorine pesticide residues eat corn moderately because it has a high glycemic index popcorns are better prepared by air popping than microwaving those taking antidiuretics must refrain from drinking corn silk tea or juice

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