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it is good for the brain and nerves because it facilitates transkmission of messages from one nerve to another promotes good amount of sleep energy to the brain for high cognitive performnace helps deliver oxygen to the brain digestion, helps prevent colorectal cancer promotes digestion by stimulating peristaltic movement and increased secretion of gastric juices prevents constipation by adding bulk to the stool also good for preventing scurvy promoting endurance helping put on weight for those who are underweight providing quick reief and faster healing when applied directly on skin injuries like burns and acne relieving pain and inflammation of rheumatism tips a nd precaustions potatoes can cause solanine poisoning from the toxic alkaloids solanine and chaconine its manifestation varies from gastrointestinal and neurological complaints to irregular heartbeats, paralysis, and even death this can occur within 30 minutes to 8 hours after ingestion indicators of the presence of these poisons are sprouting and having greens kin discoloration to avoid poisoning, do not expose potatoes to sunlight after purchase another way to prevent this poisoning is to avoid buying sprouted potatoes or those having green skin discoloration also avoid drinking potato leaf tea since potato leaves are high in chaconine potatoes contain pesticide residue the skin needs to be scrubbed before cooking. the tubers have moderate to high glycemic index ranking close to table sugar and causing a rapid rise in blood sugar after ingestion eating large sugar after ingestion eating large amounts and the cooking metjod can amounts even further increase the glycemic index

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