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2 years ago

several phytonutrients can be found in green vegetables these are indole suloraphane lutein zexanthin betacarotene and isothiocyanates betacarotene most of this are byproducts of glucosinolatesmost of these are chewing and food preparation these are known for the following anticancer properties inactive carcinogens induces death of tumor cells prevents the migration of tumor cells inhibits nutritional supply by preventing the formation of blood vessels that transports nutrition to tumor cells presence of antiviral property tha kills virus causing cancers aside from these cancer protective properties the fiber content of green vegetables also work to regulate lipid synthesis thus minimizing the formation of atherosclerosis prevent clumping of latelets in the arteries which may lead to heart attack removes wastes in the digestive tract and eliminate poisonous substances from the body before they can cause harm prevent inflammation in the lining of artery minimize muscle soreness during excessive exercise reduce bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol reduce fat accumulation and prevent obesity contribute to the regulation of blood sugar preventing diabetes promote healthy friendy bacteria in the digestive tract

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