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mango is an exotic and a delicious seasonal fruit grown in the tropics it is however believed to have oroginated in fact the country leads in many mango cultivation and continues to produce almost half of the world's mango supplies at present mango cultivation has been extended all over the world excellent source of vitamin c and a best for the eyes because it prevens dry eyes prevents night blindness promotes good vison digestion promotes digestion and bowel movement lowers the risk for ancer of the gastrointestinal tract protects against free radicals enhances appetite helps lower blood sugar the heart blood and blood vessels lowers serum cholesterol levels keeps blood pressure in control reduces ad cholesterol reproduction boosts sex hormones helps prevent the development of prostrate cancer imunity fights against infectious microorganisms increases red blood cell count the brain and nerves elevates mood encourages sleep also good for helping in the production of collagen proteins to protect blood vessels and the body's connective tissues slowing down the aging process maintaining the alkali reserve of thee body gaining weight when eaten in large amounts especially with milk mango latex allergy may develop and include symptoms like itchiness around the mouth lip and tip of the tongue the peel and sap contain uroshiol the chemical present in poison ivy and poison sumac that causes allergic reactions in susceptible individuals wash mangoes with water before eating to remove residues of calcium carbide that most fruit growers use to hasten ripening diebetics should eat mango moderately unripe raw, chutney used as sid dish pickled juice cook dried, eaten raw by itself as fruit dessert blended into smoothies or shakes juiced added to salads jam or jelly nectar syrup pureed canned frzen dried seed ground into flour leaves made into tea

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