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the largest and biggest among the tree borne fruits it is believed to have fruit smells and tasty. a jackfruit tree is composed of hundreds to thousands of individual flowers and can produce about 100 to 200 fruits in a year huge nutritious and plentiful in tropical climates, jackfruit is a food well suited to a warming world the unripe fruit is used as meat substitute because of its meat like textureits seeds ad petals can also be eaten when cooked. vitamin c manganese best for immunity, protects the lungs and oral cavity from cancers, helps the body dvelop resistance against infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria scavengers harmful from radicals supports the functions of the white blood cells. maintains the integrity of muscuos memebranes and the skin slows down the aging process which can lead to degenerative diseases . prevents constipation helps protectb the mucuos membrane of the colon by binding to and eliminating cancer causing chemicals the heart blood and blood vessels, controls heart rate and blood pressure maintains the fuid level to balance electrolytes reduces homocysteine levels in the blood also good for building and strenghtening the bones providing sugars that give instant energy protecting aganst caatarct formation and muscular degredation to lessen the troyble of dealing with jeackfruit's white gummy sticky latex which oozes from cut ends apply a little oil in your hands while separating bulbs protective gloves wont help diabetic patients should eat the fruit in moderation as it can change teh tolerance capacity of glucose in the body overconsumption of this fruit can lead to indigestion due to its high content it is better to eat jackfruit at daytime after eating people observe a distinct smell in their urine some people ma have allergic reactions

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