How to be happy?

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2 years ago

A lot of people ask this question. Sometimes we laugh, but are we really happy? Sometimes we smile and giggle, but does it mean we are really happy? There is a saying that we can only be happy when we are contented. When we reach the point that we are happy for everything that we have, when we feel that we have everything that we need and we are thankful for all of those, that then, we can say that we are already happy, happiness starts from the inside and not the ones that we fake. We can fake our laugh, or smile, or giggle, and dying inside. If you want to try to be happy and contented, and not be envious by what others have, you can be happy then. You wont try to live as other person, or live a life that seems to be perfect on social media. We can be happy even if we do not have what others have. Just look around, others might be wishing that they have the things that you have that you just took for granted.

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