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how to prepare green vegetables to maximize the health benefits wash them just before cooking to prevent breaking the cell walls and more leaching of nutrients into the water when boiling them cut only when ready to cook prolonged exposure of cut veggies to light and air prmotes nutrient loss cut in uniform large sizes to minimize nutrient loss through low heat exposure this also makes the food cook at the same time whenever possible do not peel vegetables to keep the nutrients when cooking althought many are advocating the raw eating of green vegetables we need to bear in mind that some vegetables are better eaten cooked because the nitrients will be better absorbed by the body cook with as little water as possible to retain the greatest amount of nutrients especially vitamins b and c into the water stick to a very short cooking time a little fat may help carry the fat soluble vitamins into the body methods for this are stir frying cooked vegetables must be tander. and crisp retaining teh color squeeze a little aamount of citrus juice adding tomatoes. gives the same effect as explained above iron in vegetables is in non heme form so vitamin c is needed for absorption avoid. conuming coffe milk red wine or black teatogether with green vegetables can blck iron absorption

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